When will Zerodha go public?

Hi Zerodha,

I’m looking forward to the day when Zerodha will list its IPO. Any future plans for that?

Mhachamo K

Listed security people tell us that there is no payment guarantee of zerodha if we tell that our demat account is in zerodha.
They tell us that there is no office

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Hi @Rajiv1,

The answer to that is here
Who are the largest brokerage firms in India?

Now when a brokerage house is growing at this rate without spending anything on advertising, and adding clients just because our existing clients have been referring their friends and families here, people will raise raise questions. Especially when they are feeling left behind.
And as for the listing date of Zerodha, even I am curious to know. Given the amount to tech infra we have been coming up with.



Maybe security people are not aware of only online presence business…If office is the only reason, then amazon, flipkart, facebook should also not be listed companies :slight_smile:

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Whenever they feel like they want to raise capital and if they meet the criteria to get listed I think they can do it.