Where can I see my treasury bills?

I know that my T Bills will be kept in my demat account.
But how do I see it in zerodha ? In the order book will this be visible ?
Will this be visible in Coin or holding section in kite ?
Will I have to login to CDSL to see my T-Bill
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Thanks in advance.

T-Bills are listed on the exchanges, these will reflect in your holdings on Kite as well as on Console.

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Thanks for the reply @ShubhS9

I have three more questions… thanks in advance.

  1. If the T bills are listed on the exchange, then what is the ticker name for searching ?

  2. After how many days will the T bill be visible on my Holdings ?

  3. How to determine the discount price in which the T bills are sold ? Will the yield represent the discounted amount ? I don’t really understand the bidding process, so can you share some info about or you shall share a website where the bidding information is available to know the discounted price before buying.

Thanks again @ShubhS9

Here’s how naming convention works for T-Bills: Naming Convention for Treasury Bills trading in the bond market - #2 by siva

You’ll receive the securities within 5 days of the auction date. This support article explains it in detail.

Not aware of any website, but you can read this chapter on Varsity to know how T-Bills work:

T-Bills are issued at discount and redeemed at par upon maturity. You can check the yields on RBI website.

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Thank you @ShubhS9

But Applying in coin 100 units is minimum it shows (10,000)… below 100 units we can submitted the application how i will get discount price