Which bank or company is best to open demat account

I want to open demat account which bank or company is best

never open demat with a bank they are not traders they are bankers. open with someone with a trading history because they service well and they know what to give to their customers and just because a firm charges more does not mean you get anything extra. i would recommend zerodha. their so called advisers dont know what real market is if they did they would be trading not advising.


If your not looking at any advisory services Zerodha is best among the available lot .
U can link ur existing Bank account (SBI , HSBC , HDFC …etc) to Zerodha

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My suggestion would be to not go with full service brokers.Their broking charges ate into a lot of my profits.


Zerodha best for beginners… later u can open in sharekhan. Happy to refer u ow.ly/SmYm30g2KEX

i have sharekhan account n i switched to zerodha, Sharekhan is not worth what they charge.

Historically India has very poor experience with service levels and after sales service. Thats the reason we are programmed to think that “mehnga hai to behtar hai” - but if you are an investor, you must shun this very learning to look for value. Without any more preaching I will come to point.

Legally any broker is regulated by SEBI and banks that provide demat account are a seperate legal entity and dont work as a single brand. That means that your bank wala bhaiya will promise you sun moon and earth on the same platter but after you open the account you dont get service because they only know how to sell ULIP, Insurance etc. Have no idea about CDSL, Demat and trading operations.

Also, SEBI gaurentees upto 25 lakhs for each investor. So that means, if you have unsettled trades and the broker goes bankrupt, SEBI will compensate you from the investor protection fund. I dont know how quick or easy this would be - but atleast someone is watching your back.

Discount brokers offer cheap execution not more risk. The real risk is in your strategy :slight_smile: Its like saying I wont fly budget airline because they crash more so let me fly a full service carrier because I feel safer in their plane - where every airline is regulated by DGCA and the maintainence is done by the same ground crew for same model.

What you know are the costs and what you dont know are your future returns. So focus on reducing costs


You can try Sharekhan’s discount broking platform Espresso

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there is a completely dedicated thread on discussing demat n all,
just go there you’ll get your answer



Finvasia is good. They offer lifetime free demat accounts.

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