Which broker has best trading terminal?

i have already used DART STOCK . So i came to realize that terminal is necessary for full time trading so suggest me which broker has best terminal for trading and i am looking for same tools which dart stock provides like live scanners, full market breath , option calculator etc. DART STOCK not providing for free now so i am looking for full service brokers who has the best terminal for trading. Thanks in advance !

Fyers provides it free of cost. They have branded it as Fyers One.

Try interactive brokers desktop platform. There is a demo version if you want to check it out… :grinning:

Do they (Interactive Brokers) provide trading in Indian Markets also ?

Yes it is available in India. It is also present on the list -

Thanks Prayag, btw when are you going to update the latest list of ‘Largest Brokers in India’ thread ?

NSE updates the data around the 10th of every month. As the 10th falls on a weekend for this month, maybe the data would only get updated by the 12th. So likely on Monday the new data should be available

don’t try, I tried opening an account. no one is responsible and customer support is not great.

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