Who holds the record for the consecutive profit days in Intraday in Zerodha?

As there is a 60 day challenge in Zerodha (Which is completed by many traders).

Is there any trader who is having 100, 150 , 200… consecutive profit days in Intra Day Trading ?

You mean continues/regular winner of 60days challange…
There are a few traders who claims so…
Jegathesan durairaj is only of them…

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No I am asking about longest winning streak in terms of day. 60 Day is done by lots of traders. I think there might be some traders for sure who have at least 100 + days winning streak.

All this is fine but better be cool to have some open stats for that matter really. Don’t you really think so ? For example maybe there are persons who did like 200 days straight profit or something like that really. I do hope it will make wonders with them.


I just wanted to know this. If 10-15 peoples in the world can have 200+ days profitable days streak. Then It will be possible for other peoples too replicate their success. There is a hope out their. Who knows i and you will be the next one.

I’ve had a 30 day streak but never participated in the challenge. Quite a feat to get a 60 day streak with such horrid platform without advanced tools at your disposal.


Nice to hear your experience 30 days is a streak which directly place you in top 5 % traders.

Even so, I believe that percentage could be higher if traders had access to systems that place them on a level playing field. Retail traders in India are at an enormous disadvantage, they are conned to believe in the eye candy rather than the systems that make them money. For instance, this whole mobile app thingy to initiate trades, do people realize how dangerous that could be where the screens are so small, mobile connectivity is not upto the mark, there are latency issues with connectivity? despite all of that I see people wanting that for some reason.


Don’t trust such claims, for many such guys this is not their main account. You can also make such record if buy single share and sell above a couple of ticks. And have other account for main trading.
Very simple hack bro,

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If someone can profit consequetive hundred days in intraday (not positional or arbitrage ) I just can’t believe it and moreover he will not require to boost his trades . The greatest traders generally keep a low profile.
And market doesn’t move by typical indicators which is used by new intraday traders.

Nice insight. This is the way brokerage firms and government is making money.

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There are lots of winners in zerodha 60 day challenge. I believe 100 day profitable streak is possible.

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And what do you think of their Return on investment for those 100 days . I think it is only what matters.

There will be someone for sure. I believe. If 60 days is possible then why not 100 days.

If on average they have 0.1 to 0.5 % return i think its possible. But their trading capital will be low. But i still believe.

Bro the winning 60 day challenge and being profitable consecutively for 60 days intraday is a whole different thing.
I myself won 60 days challenge although not intraday but you were asking about consecutive winning streak which is insane.
Yes there might be traders who might have won 5-10 60 day challenge and some back to back but that is different thing


I am just saying about 100 consecutive profitable days.

0.5 amounts more then 10 percent per month which is very good for big capital over say 30-40 lakhs .
0.1 percents is less then 3 percent per month only looks good when trading with crores . We can get this much interest by lending money in many cases. A Kirana shop makes much more monthly return then that

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You believe too and you are a 60 day challenge winner. I think you can make it too 100 days too. I would love to see that day coming.

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Thank you :pray:t2: very much , but like I said I am not a day trader so my requirements and analysis are different.
But thanks for your kind wishes and I hope you find a good starting on your trading and make good learning from your losses

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