Why are certain mutual funds missing on Zerodha?


I see that a lot of mutual funds are missing on the Zerodha platform. I generally look at the fund details on moneycontrol.com and invest using Zerodha. But I have observed that a lot of funds are not present on the platform. This causes me to now invest using zerodha because I can’t seem to find the fund.

Couple of funds that I was interested in but not able to find on zerodha:

I tried searching using your search box. Also tried looking through the long list of available mutual funds.

I also see that a lot of categories of equity funds are missing in your list

I do not see any Large Cap, Small and Mid cap funds in your long list of available funds.

Am I not searching correctly or are the funds not present in Zerodha? Are there any plans to get all the funds to the platform?

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