Why bulk deal like this

If u can see in attached image in share of HDIL same person is buying and selling around same number of shares at minor change in share price…
what could be the reason…
@nithin sir can you help…

Its not like they bought once and sold once, I think its algo trading, and 100s of trades executed.

Buy price is average of buys of all trades and Sell price average of sells

These Rahul Doshi and Swapnil Mehta do this in many stocks LOL

This is bulk deal data published by exchanges and not someone’s pvt trade book.
I also don’t know the real answer though

Check this to understand bulk deals

Why same price almost, same day, same person, hmm… It might be some kind of tax loss harvesting selling to book loss and buying back, it could been a fat finger trade, stocks were sold by mistake and then bought back (or vice versa), or someone actually did those trades intraday hoping to profit (price could have moved around but settled at the buying price or selling price)

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grt…thanks for responding.

Even Mutual Fund AMC transactions can look like that. Never understood that. Can anyone shed some light? Could it have been due to the MF re-categorization?