Why I make loss today!

Hi Guys,

I am here to highlight the common points which i think caused me loss in past few dayz…

  • initiate the trade on spike in price
  • Not checking the Volume, PA, trend, Support/Resistance, multiple TFs , bid
    & ask prices , etc to confirm the decision
  • traded with quantities which i cannot handle, means once trade go
    against me , i was not ready to book small loss which ultimately become
    big loss
  • booking the profit in profitable trade early without checking the
    Volume,PA, trend, S/R, Multiple TF, Bid& Ask prices, etc. i consider this
    also as loss because there was still opportunity to make money which was
    not utilized.

i am in learning phase & i know i will learn trading by doing it.

If you face the same issues & please share how you sort out these problem.

Thanks in advance.


What is TF?

Time Frames

@Mohammed_Yasin_Shaik @ sant2614 @rachuri1976 What is a PA?
You did not mention which segment (Equity, commodity, options, futures etc.)
Me too making regular losses. I believe institutions only can make good profits and trading as per the institutions is the way to success. Still searching to know the institutions trade.

PA is Price Action.
So we should trade based on price movement. As per the PA , Price move between zones. Supply & demand zone.
Read the thread “Price is everything” here on trading qna to get more of PA.

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Coinage academy yt channel

I have already watched 100s of videos & many different articles. Could you please tell me which indicator to follow (ex. Supertrend or combinations) for Exit condition?

As a trader discipline is most important, you need to grind your entry rules in your brain.

I started training in July, traded purely based on price action (Price Volume breakouts to be precise) without using SR levels and all that and was in loss for two months, made profits last month after starting to use SR levels in my analysis and also being more desciplinned, in loss again this month (partly down to my own fault again, not pulling trigger early and most importantly my analysis has been bit off)

Re. How to sort this problems, i think as beginners this is all part of learning curve. So just keep doing what you’re doing and avoid repeating mistakes the next time. That’s why we should start small and then increase our capital gradually as we get more experienced.

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Could you please name an Indicator displaying the “Price Volume Breakouts”? Also what is SR"

Do you knw abt coinage or saying without chkn
If you talking abt institutional vol, thn no point following dumb indicators … long price mvemnt (which is capable of giving 1:2) occurs ONLY on vol basis, hw strong is inst. In particular stock

Bro, Regret to say I doubt your main aim here in this Forum is to promote (Sales) of your “YouTube” channel. There are 100s or 1000s of youtube channels available but wasting the viewers valuable time.

There aren’t any indicators that will tell you about Price Volume Breakouts, though you can use Streak’s scanner, they have predefined Scan for Breakouts, check that out.

SR = Support and Resistance zones, where price changes direction ofter hitting. For more checkout “Rayner Teo” YouTube channel, he explains perfectly about Support and Resistance.

Bro, your replies are genuine & honest, Am using Pivot points in Options trading to understand Support & Resistance. Streak is not supporting “BN Options”. Reyner Teo’s videos already regularly watching. One more query how to search for your replies in the whole news group?

No idea how to do this.

Rather than Pivot Points, you yourself draw Support and Resistance levels, will take some time perfecting. Also I’d advise you to go through Price Is Everything topic on this forum, @alphaT takes Price Action to whole different level. Do give it a read.

Its nt mine …some ravi running d channel …n dnt follow brothr upto you … n logically out of those 10000 channels on yt maybe 1 or 2 must be genuine…bt do yourself a favour dnt fall in indicator trap

In “BN Options” trading the price goes far down even from “support levels”, so stop losses hitting frequently. Am thinking of shifting from “BN options” to some safe, slow trade. (Could you suggest one other than equity stock). I am holding since begining of 2019 few Nifty 50 stocks worth 10 lakhs (at present 67% loss, Yes bank, Jet air, Ibulhsgfin, Pnb, Tata motors, bankIndia & few others). Definietly today I will be checking “Price is everything”. Thanks for your kind replies.

Bro, it’s true that I am using some indicators but today going to learn “Price action” but I think “BN options” is defeating even the price actions, due to the so called “Time-decay”. Thinking of shifting from “BN Options”.

Bro, if you’re losing money in options just stay away from them and trade in stocks. BTW, Options aren’t something you should trade like stocks, options are most volatile instruments out there and shouldn’t trade if you don’t know how to.

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Completely concur with @ShubhS9. I am not aware how you are trading Options, but must say that they are multi-dimensional instruments which are traded in a different way, sometimes with direction bias and sometimes direction neutral.