Why is my holding suddenly showing BE next to it and not matching with what is on my marketwatch?


Please see the circled stock - SPMLINFRA, the name of the scrip has changed to SPMLINFRA-BE ( I have no idea what this means). Also the LTP was stated as 68.1 when the actual LTP was 95.55. I am might confused, can somebody explain whats the logic.

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What is happening to IVRCLINFRA?

There are two issues here

Difference in scrip names on marketwatch and on your holdings

SPML Infra Limited has started trading in the BE category from 27 April and that is the reason why you seeing the stock name as SPMLINFRA-BE. Stocks in BE category are settled on a trade to trade basis, meaning intraday trades are not allowed. Click here to read more about different stock categories. You can also check out all stocks that are in BE category by clicking this NSE link and downloading complete list under securities in rolling (EQ) and Trade for trade (BE,T)

When a stock moves to BE category, our holdings file automatically picks up the latest category. But you will have to then check for BE stock price on the marketwatch as well. Check the image below, how you can add stocks from a different category. Eventhough you see the stock across categories, it can only trade in one category at a time. If you see BE on your holdings, you need to add the BE category, if you see BL, you will have to add BL. You can also see how BE category stock price/market depth is active.

Holdings page you are seeing LTP as 68.1 but actual price of this stock is around 95.

The reason why you are seeing a difference in the LTP is because the first tick in SPML Infra was at 9:22 AM and until then Kite was showing you the LTP of the stock when it was in BE category the last time exchange had move this stock to BE (this is a bug and we will look at fixing this soon). (NSE website also shows the same value).

To find a list of securities in the Trade To Trade (T2T) or BE category, check this post.

How are the stocks classified by their groups (i. E. , group A, B, C. ) in NSE? Where can I see the list of these groups?

Hi, i was also Holding OMKARCHEM, but today it suddenly changed to OMKARCHEM-BE,
I understand that its changed by exchange fortnightly based on some predefined criterias ,
But what is the impact to me on the priceses/investments as a retail investor?


Today omkarchem is down by 105 points? What’s happening? Please advise me urgently.


This is because LASA Laboratories is demerging from Omkar Specialty. You will get one share of LASA for every share of Omkarchem you hold.
Check this circular for more.

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