Why Stop losses are getting hit often?

Why my stoplosses are getting hit 8/10 times ? I only trade in one scrip SBI FnO. My target is 35/45 p and stop loss as Re 1. If it goes in my direction, I am profitable but even after having Re 1 as my stop loss, it sometimes reverses and hit my stop loss there by incurring loss. This loss wipes out my profits. Then I tried reducing the stoploss target. This time stoploss target getting hit more times than previous one. I am unable to learn to this tactic of setting proper stop loss. Any help

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Maybe you should consider setting SL more farther away, SBI isn’t volatile scrip but having Re.1 SL for a share priced at 270 isn’t very good idea, the price have zero room to breathe, no wonder your SL is getting hit more often.


How did you arrive at the stop loss of 1 rupee. If you give random values for stop loss without any methodology the result will be like this only. Also please read and go through stop-loss concepts mentioned in zerodha varsity. You will be well informed next time


You Stop Loss is very close and the RR is inverted. Not a good way to trade! Ideally, SL should be kept where “If price arrives there then the setup has failed or the view on the stock has failed”.


If you trade using candlesticks patterns, then the low of pattern should be your SL.
I have lost my 50% capital in SBI due to hitting SL.
SBI usually has price movement of 6-7 rupees. Keeping SL at rs.1 is not done man.

Also SL depends on your risk management. How much capital u r willing to lose if trade goes against you.

These are basic things. LEARN more and EARN more.

Better you stop trading or increase your stop loss target…


Entry and Stoploss are applied based on technical analysis purely. If it is done randomly, it is very obvious to meet the stoploss every time. Its not a game of gamble an win. U may have succeed once or twice but they are mere tukka. Learn first then apply.

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Its nt a problm w sl. Its with d strategy …develop a system capable of giving atlst 1:2 rr

Always dive to risk only 1-1.5% of your capital, and calculate stop loss base on current standard ATR 2% value for intraday.

Eg.: if you have a plan to trade into XYZ stock an it’s price is at 100 with 50 quantity. and you have a capital of 25000. So maximum per trade you can bear a risk is a 250 is 1% of your capital, so you can take a risk of 250 in this trade,
ATR value is now 20 so 0.40 is a 2% of ATR value.
So now your buy value is a 100 and your risk appetite is 250 of 50 quantity so per quantity it will be 5 per share (100 - 5 = 95-0.40=94.60) so now your stop loss is 94.60.

Complicated method, isn’t it? If one is wrong loss is 270 not 250.

Timing and direction identifying for a trade is vital. Then comes stop loss. First test your decision to trade direction is successful at least 50% of the time.

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Thanks Guys. I will do my study again

You are trading in a wrong way. Target should be higher than s/loss (1:2 is better).
For script like SBI, you should maintain s/loss of at least 1%.

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I don’t understand this risk:reward ratio. If I have 1:2 risk/reward ratio, SBI never reaches this reward of 2 % at all. somehow, I am trading in wrong direction. Even though I see clearly the trend, I take countertrend when it is retracing. I mistake that retracing as reversal and then take the trade.

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Dear, SBI is not very volatile stock. It moves considerable only on some news.

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Thanks Maharaj

Look your SBI ! Today from 305 to 317 !!

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I have been watching since it touched 295. I kept watching. it went to 300. I was skeptical whether it will further move upward. I have been only watching. I couldn’t make an entry becoz in the beginning of the day, I lost Rs 3000

Dear ZERODHA, Why there is no “LIKE” symbols with my posts ?

Stop day trading and start cnc…buy on declines and sell when suitable