Why there is no android TV app of Kite?

Why kite still doesnt have Android TV app …

it will be very beneficial if zerodha can put up an app in the TV os also , which just a mere extension of existing android app .

kindly tag who can look into this.


You want to place orders using remote? :rofl:


@vijay407 haha …

I recently bought sony 4k smart TV , Though remote works well , still I use wireless mouse and keyboard.

Idea is to have two screens , I dont want to buy another computer which looks wierd , TV looks pretty decent isnt it ?

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Anyways… I think, due to multiple sessions… it would eventually log you out from one device.

no It wont … i use it on laptop and phone seamlessly …

Correct… one app login and one web login would work concurrently… but two app logins might not work.

ooo… you got a point .

my basic idea is to use laptop and tv so wont be issue … if you anyone who can extend kite to android tv , kindly tag him/her

Connecting your laptop to your TV via HDMI or wirelessly might also be an option. This might help -

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thanks @Prayag but you are missing the point …

I already have a smart TV & I need two screens .

so best possible solution is to get the kite app on android TV .

In case the main intention is to have two screens (like for example, Laptop and TV screens showing different browser tabs), then the HDMI/wireless route might be better. The reason being even if the Kite app for smart TV is made available in the future, to use it, we will require a separate wireless keyboard/mouse for using it and a separate keyboard/mouse (in-built or wireless) for using the laptop. Switching between keyboard/mouse to use the two different screens might not be very convenient (A possible solution could be Logitech Flow or some kind of KVM Switch that works with Smart TV’s OS).

Also, in case you are interested, there was some discussion related to this topic on this thread.

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appreciate your kind reply .

every laptop comes with a default inbuilt mouse and for the TV we need to have a basic bluetooth mouse it works seamlessly , no need to have complex mechanism as you stated .

its the user headache how to use the app with mouse or without mouse , as we know LG TV remotes have mouse built in the remote itslef .

just make kite available on the android TV app , all the external difficulties are on the users head and apart from using the second screen many traders operates two or more accounts ( mostly their relatives ) so just to have a portfolio look / passive trading they want it on other screen as you know two concurrent logins are not permitted in kite app yet.

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It’s seems like yours is a special case, and any company would not want to invest in something that will be used by <0.1% (small traders). I am android dev and I can tell it’s not as simple as it seems.

Also your reasons still does not convince me (if I was zerodha) to use a TV app instead of duplicate screen method. Open portfolio on your laptop, charts on TV. If you want multiple accounts on same device, open them in separate browsers.


appreciate your views …

yes you are right its not for everyone , this is for advanced traders who want to keep track of multiple accounts / screens , but let me correct you , its not 0.1% for sure , if I am not wrong it will be more than 15% traders who trades using multiple screens , correct me here if I am wrong .

I do have friends across India , in fact you can check with a simple poll how many users want app on TV you will be surprised .

Many of my friends especially from IT , their Laptop is always busy on the work related stuff like calls from skype / software development . They are in dire need of secondary screen which is independent and big enough to see the charts .

Also these advanced users are the who generate most of the revenue . you should definitely do something special for your most valuable users.

you have developed an IOS app which is hardly used in india may be 0.01 % traders , why not an Android TV app where there is probability of using is more than entire IOS users itself !!.

one more special users are youtube influencers , who are in actual need of big screen experience , they need work on multiple screens during their post / pre analysis / suggestions / live demo. just count number of youtubers who use zerodha that will give you ample confidence to develop an app .

if I am zerodha ill always do special for my special users , be it Nudging ( even though it is used by less than 5% ) , be it Direct mutual funds ( even though we cannot use it for collateral ) , be it small case ( again less than 5% ) , and even bringing SIP to equity , and adding one more jewel to the crown Android TV app ( yes you can say less than 10% users might use it or even less !!) still Ill go ahead and provide the app on TV .

I will tell you one simple reason …

you are asking me to use hdmi cable /multiple browers

same thing you can say for gifting of stocks - why not sell from your end buy from different account !!!

and less than 0.01% use gifting stocks , similarly every special users have special needs you cannot deny and die in dark .

Well I had some counter examples to your statements, and I totally agree few of your statements. But let me restrict myself until some officials from zerodha enlighten us with their view on this. :slightly_smiling_face:

If one of the use-cases for utilizing the TV screen is for tracking the portfolio or doing light trading in a different Zerodha account (like your family or relatives account (for added reference, also check this thread)), then the Smart TV’s internal web browser might also do the trick. I tested this on my own LG Smart TV’s in-built web browser app and things seem to have worked (aka I was able to log in and charting was also functional) -

Opening Kite Web on Smart TV Internal browser

But you are correct in saying that this method will not work if one wants to login into the same account from both the devices (TV and laptop) due to concurrent login being not permitted.

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