Will Zerodha bring "Trade Directly from TradingView.com & Pine Script" like Dhan?

Zerodha is quite reluctant adapting Trading View since the beginning. Even when all the other brokers are providing the latest Trading View platform version look & feel to their client, zerodha seems to be boasting about how they are managing / compromising with a small Tech team.

Earlier Zerodha has given the excuse of URL validation / verification by NSE / SEBI for not allowing the client to trade directly from Trading View or partnering with Trading View.

It seems other broker has found a way.
The biggest advantage Trading View gives its user is not only the look and feel and easiness of charting, but also the Pine Script where we no longer have to depend on your small Tech team to bring a simple indicator or study to the platform.

However, no matter what other Brokers provide, they cannot match the Trust and Transparency Zerodha Offer.

But the power of Pine Script will eventually overweigh the Trust and Transparency of Zerodha after a certain point.

We really love Zerodha and @nithin

I hope zerodha will come up with its own version of Pine Script or will Partner with Trading View like Dhan to bring the Pine Script and the power of TV platform to its millions of users.


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been wondering about this a lot since i got to know that THERE IS A BROKER that is letting clients directly trade from tradingview terminal. Hope Zerodha doesnt stay quiet on this for long and let us know whats stopping them from letting their clients use full functionality of the terminal. @nithin

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Yes Please!

@nithin it would be great if you can provide us Kite lovers with a platform like tv.kite where we can trade directly from TradingView.

Also, please provide us with the features of instant fund transfer and same balance for equity and Commodity.

These things will be so great for us traders!

Missed the earlier tag. Below is an answer from 6 years back.

It isn’t as easy as it seems from the outside. There are multiple challenges - not just with tradingview but with any other third party platform - especially the foreign ones. .

When you don’t own the source code to a trading platform that you offer or if there no 24/7 local support, you know the risks right? It is okay as a standalone charting platform, but as a trading platform on a certain day if something is not right and you are not able to spot it and fix it immediately, that potentially could be the death to the business. Using it only for charting is a debatable topic. We had decided to power our charting using chartiq - another really big charting solutions vendor.

Even though on the outside Kite looks like a really simple platform, we run some crazy bits to optimize performance. Today Kite is powering maybe the maximum number of retail trades per day. It would not have been possible if we had used a third party platform. Again like I said, they would be a good bet to power charting, but not the entire trading experience.

Today tradingview is trying to get the social bit going on their website, so they are offering attractive deals for integration. But what if once they have acquired the community they start upping the price? At the brokerage rates we work, we can’t take the risk of any price increase. Again something which can potentially disrupt our business.

The reason still continues to be the same. The risks of depending on a third-party platform outside the regulatory ambit of the country are extremely high. Also, we have decided as a business to not support multiple trading platforms, it increases the complexity and the risk significantly. I know others are doing it and that strategy might work at a small scale, but the risks go up infinitely as the business gets bigger.

@MohammedFaisal we should maybe speak to TV and see if they are now open to expose Pinescript within their charting.

Instant fund withdrawals until a certain limit are being tested. The same balance for equity and commodity will take some time.


Noted. Will speak to them and update here soon.

@nithin Is it possible to enhance “Trade from Chart” feature as it is already there with ChartIQ along with multiple chart in a window like TV with ChartIQ with “Trade from Chart” features? “Save” option is a must.

TV doesn’t offer trade from chart feature if we use only their charting library. They offer it only if you take their entire trading terminal. And as I mentioned above, we don’t want to have an external dependency on the most important aspect of our business.

@nithin Thanks a lot for answering to my queries at first. I agree with your point of view. “Trading from Chart” is already there in Kite. Firstly, I am just trying to say that to update/enhance the feature little bit like bring the feature in case of multiple charts in a window with ChartIQ.

Secondly, I come to know from different resources that Zerodha are trying to merging equity & commodity trading account. Please let me know how long it will take to complete the process of merging, if there is any such plan?

Thirdly, do you have any plan to integrate with Quantower anytime soon?

Thank you.

2 humble things I expect , Zerodha will bring

  1. Please add a 'Risk Reward 'Tool , as in TV chart. I can live without trading from chart. But a traders needs a basic tools like them. I am currently doing ‘JUGAD’ with the measuring tool in chartiq. Well, that won’t be very elegant for to know , your consumer has to do Jugads.
    Anyways , Risk Reward tool in TV has position sizing and Stop loss calculations in seconds. Please add something to Chart IQ, or bring the proper working charting for TV. Current one already broken in Android ( i trade from Tablet mostly)

  2. As soon as , the buy / sell order gets executed. Show a popup for adding Stop loss. How many clicks we have to do , for putting the stoploss.
    Or , better , you can make visible a small dot on the side of chart as soon as the buy initiated .
    Clicking that dot , will open SL popup. We can’t do intraday trades with multiple clicks , page , tabs switching.

Thanks @nithin sir

We have something like this on our list of things to do. You should see these this year.

Sure thing :+1:. I am waiting