With current SPAN for Overnight NIFTY Short Positions, How much GAP UP will lead to Forced Position Closing?

With current SPAN Margin Requirements for Overnight NIFTY Short Positions, How much of a GAP UP Opening will lead to Forced Position Closing by RMS ?

No answer to my Query though :slightly_frowning_face:

May be some people are just made to give and not take.

THIS QUE? should be ask to ZERODHA RMS Helpline if you are ZERODHA client, else ur BROKER RMS.


RMS square off takes place when your margin is in negative. I don’t think they will close the position for any other reason.

As long as you have enough margin to cover the losses, you will not receive the margin call and your position will not be squared off.

It actually depends on the free cash you have in your account other than (Span + exposure ) total margin you have provided…
Suppose you have 10000 rs free cash and around 75619 rs total margin you have provided on your overnight short position so when your position goes beyond 10000rs loss then you will need to add funds to your account to hold the position to next day … I think if you do not add funds RMS will square off your position by end of day as your total margin is insufficient .