Would you buy Zerodha if it gets listed?

I know that most of you are traders, but if Zerodha gets listed, would you buy it for your PF from an investing perspective? As most of you use more than one broker depending upon your requirements of features, so you all are familiar with Zerodha’s features, technical features, user base, popularity, margins etc etc, so from this practical end user perspective, do you think Zerodha will be a successful business post listing, so you will buy?

As for me, I will have to check the details about Zerodha’s revenue, profit, growth and the sustainability, as I am not knowledgeable about all its features.

Or purely from a ‘invest in what you know, buy what you use’ perspective, I will buy 1 lot :grin:


I won’t

And that is because?

still, I don’t think I’d buy even though Zerodha is a pioneer in the domain

broking industry can be easily penetrated, zerodha might be at top but staying at top is the real challenge

That is as of now, but if a company wants to get listed, it submits a DRHP which has all the details about it revenue streams, profitability, market share, future prospects, everything.

So considering your experience with Zerodha until now, would you buy?

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You may not know this, but in investing, there is not just one leader in every industry, there are a few who share the market, oligopoly it is called, and if the pie gets bigger, all of the existing successful players benefit.

Then there is another angle, which is, the big gets bigger.


you’re right, but my limited knowledge restricts me to see such foreseeable future

now I’ve 2 options

  1. I can try expanding my super small circle of knowledge
  2. Let it go

sadly being a noob trader, my priority is to get better at trading therefore I don’t get time to learn about such a vast domain as investing, maybe if I get enough time to learn about investing then I can change my novice views

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@GB26 First you have to justify the listing.
Why should Z get listed.
If i’m making enough money, then i’d rather go on the way i am.
It shouldn’t be like the recent so-called unicorns to list and dump it in the secondary mkt.

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Clarification sought: Are you asking users here, if someone, anyone willing to buy Zerodha solely based on their experience of the broking platform i.e assuming they use Zerodha for their Trading/investing.

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It is a hypothetical question. Nithin or someone from Zerodha knows if or why they should get listed.

I am presenting a hypothetical question, a scenario which is about as of now situation, so my question is if one considers the current situation, arriving at to buy or not to buy decision, what would be it?

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Yes, be it end user experience, satisfaction with its features, user base, estimation of market share increase, revenue streams they know of, anything that they can base their decision on, as of now, the decision could be buy or not buy.

No, I would not buy. When I used to see PayTM at shop keepers, always thought this company must be great, one of the investor was Berkshire Hathway and must be fundamentally and financially sound. Only when the company came out for an IPO, did I realise that what we see out in the market is not what the reality is. Hence I will not buy Z without having any knowledge of their profitability, leverage and other metrics.

You must have a lot of free time :smiley:

You cant arrive at a decision even hypothetically speaking without knowing the terms.
Those who are going blindly yes or no, im sorry to say, have no clue about any business.

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Of course, that is correct. End user experience has its limitations, it can be used to assess a business from only one perspective, while there remain many more perspectives.

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God gives time, it is not up to me :pray:

Although what I do with the given time is entirely up to me :grinning:

I asked, if someone wants to invest depending upon what one knows or understands has experienced until now, for now, that is all.

I take an umbrella from home because it is drizzling now, right now, soon after I start walking rain stops, so I will close the umbrella :umbrella:

Already you (zerodha) are in Debt free.
then why are you coming to listed ?

I don’t work for Zerodha :face_in_clouds:

That aside, do businesses get listed only when are in debt?

There are many philosophies to it.
The primary purpose of listing is to raise money whether for new goals or reduce debt.

The most contrasting one is by Amar Bose (Bose Audio)

“One of the best decisions I ever made was keeping the company privately held, so we can take short-term pain for long-term gain,” he says. “Public companies have to look good every 90 days to please the markets, so they can’t do that.”

They will stay at top no matter what. Why zerodha stays at top ?

  • free quality education which educates an average person. Many boring things put in fun learning way.

  • they don’t jam you with you products and MF. They are quite honest and transparent. They educate you and let you decide for yourself. So from trust perspective they absolutely win. Before zerodha the place where I made my first demat , they push you to buy a certain stock , certain mutual fund , some mid cap fund or even LIC. You receive so much calls from brokers themselves asking buy this MF it is good, buy this mid-cap fund, this fund is great etc. They essentially jam products and quite shady. Zerodha does no such thing

  • they are pretty transparent in sense of margin, charges . Before zerodha I have never seen any broker that was transparent who show everything

So just with trust, education and transparency they will grow immensely. Also they make the right tools like sensibull for options , streak etc. This is the reason people stick with zerodha