XIRR or CAGR return on COIN

Why is there only absolute return shown on the folio, I want to see XIRR or CAGR of all the funds at once.
Earlier there was option on coin to see the folio by absolute or CAGR now there is no such option.

Don’t you think that XIRR or CAGR is the currect metric to measure the return???



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This is same in Kite also. We need XIRR or CAGR for the kite holdings also. Also, a summary of realised loss/profit inclusive of charges etc.

May be @nithin / zerodha does not want the users to know these as these will be much lower than CAGR/XIRR and many users may get shocked. I really like how ICICI direct does it.
Any other platform do this like upstox?


@Bhuvan ++

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XIRR is shown inside each fund page on Coin portfolio.

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Yes, I have seen it. I am asking for XIRR based sorting,

Then I should have the option to see the profit/loss of each individual investment in absolute/XIRR terms on the top itself.
For example I am not concerned with the absolute returns. I only seek the XIRR return.

It’s easy I think you got the point I am trying to convey now If you don’t want to add that option, let it be.


Got it. Will look into the possibilities here.


Can we have it for Kite portfolio also please? We need this for overall portfolio and individual stocks in holdings as well. If it can’t be provided on kite, please can we have it in console as a report that we can download off-market hours so that live trading environment is not loaded with these data/processing ? @Bhuvan

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XIRR at an overall portfolio level is very challenging considering the fact that stocks come in and out randomly, leading to many edge cases to cover. However, this maybe possible to compute for individual stocks. We will look into that possibility.


Thank you @Karthik for your time and assurance.

Some kind of summary of how our investment is performing overall and individual stocks would be of great help. It should factor in all charges ( brokerage, fees, cess etc), booked profit/loss and unrealized profit/loss etc. Also, dividends could also be included.

It is not only important and must for every one of us but also when we try to ask close family and friends to open a dmat account in zerodha, they ask show the portfolio and show the summary. They want to compare against other asset classes and investment options available. But, unfortunately it is not possible as we only have the overall profit.

In fact, we could also have an option to upload the trade book from other platforms like ICICI Direct etc. and factor in that too. That will be game changer !


This used be an options under settings of old coin app v1. After the upgrade it’s gone. Some mutual funds used to display XIRR & some display 0% (Both under less than a year).

Need this feature badly.


We want it for over all portfolio and even at individual Holdings. Since xirr is the right approach, please add this feature.

Please others join in and add your vote.

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I am most likely reading this wrong, since you are the one who has to deal with the code, but: to compute XIRR for the entire portfolio, isn’t it enough to keep track of the following:

  1. Every (date, amount) pair for which the client added or withdrew money to/from the Zerodha account
  2. The total worth of the portfolio on the current date

Of these, the second number you already show even on a live basis, and the first set of pairs should (again, I am the fool here) be easy to look up. Perhaps you already show these too somewhere on console where I haven’t looked.

Why do you need to look at individual stocks coming in and going out, to compute the portfolio XIRR?

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Zerodha is very good platform for buying and selling stocks and you can do just that.
For portfolio analysis, tracking your investments you have many platforms that can do better job.

It is like Apple iOS and android -
Zerodha is like iOS - you have limited features compared to android but the features present work flawless. New features come very late but only when it is well tested and appreciated on other platforms.

But some features like XIRR / dividend / total return / current return etc. should be displayed in line without digging deep into find some where else - it is very important - Zerodha must consider adding asap… to at least Console if not kite

+1 on both XIRR for Sorting investments in coin (more preferred over absolute returns)
XIRR for Individual Kite stocks. (Obviously doesn’t have to be realtime, maybe a task to be included in dayend processing in console report.)

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XIRR based sorting is needed for both Stocks as well as mutual funds… basically it should be part of holdings display in console to cover all kind of inverstments.

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@nithin these would be most valuable low hanging fruits that would really benefit millions of zerodhaites !!

Checking Dividends option is already given in console.

I am just asking - why can’t you display the details in another column instead of digging down on each scrip?

CAGR helps calculate the return from an investment over a certain span of time. But with the help of multiple cash flows, XIRR approach is considered to be a better option as compared to CAGR.