Yes Bank 3PM chart (189-235) any comments

Any reason why YB spiked insanely

Because People Bought it like it Was Black Friday lol

New CEO Appointment is the Reason

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I am also confused . Because results are poor.
Did you notice on chart the closing price of there is 225. And showing on closing basis is 215.
Do you have any idea about this please reply

yeah, whats the final closing price of yes bank ??

IT was trap same happened at RNAM institution unloading it shares… to retailers

Closing price is determined on the basis of weighted average of last 30 minutes of trade.


For a TA follower this is not a surprise , i was expecting this , bought at Rs 183, and was expecting Rs 250 for yes bank , hoping this is not a flawed breakout.

I am not commenting on the price movement in terms of swing trading… but as an intraday movement.

when it hit the low of 189, suddenly volumes increased from an average of 200k to 6 million.

It looked unstoppable with no reason or background.

The new ceo announcement would have given the stock a steady graph through the day… not a sudden reversal.

Also after 3.25, the stock began to reverse out, which means that this 3 pm was a intraday movement and not a block deal.

Well again i would say this is not a surprise , because in my experience , most of the time FII or DII or HNI buy with high volume on last hours of trading , some times their buying activity will continue to next trading day till initial 1 st hours , whenever i want to buy a stock, i do buy during last hour of trading .

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Thank you for your inputs… It’s wise to observe this and see if there’s a pattern.

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Sure , you can observe not only with yes bank , with other good stocks also.

many thanks

What’s so surprising everyone?

  1. It went up due to CEO announcement, even they mentioned ILFS exposure in results, so results didnt matter ofcourse. SOme big hands made shorters run for cover its simple

  2. Closing price is average of last 30 minute prices so it is 215, Last traded price is 225

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here’s my simple inquiry for knowledge sake.

Was it simple news based- volume driven?
In that case was it bad news until 3 PM and then the big boys decided to toy with the volume profile for the day?


Was it a technical analysis tipping point that seemed to suddenly send the tiger to the park?

On both counts, I find the answers less convincing… it could be because I lack the experience or the intuition.

Thank you for the answers

I think every big player knew the news was supposed to come exactly at 3 PM.


Because today was Bank Nifty expiry, so after 3 PM the closing price is based on average. So any move after 3 PM doesnt impact Bank Nifty options. So basically expiry game by operator.

So basically I see this as planned releasing of news at 3 PM, and every big player knew this was the plan and they bought it that time.


BankNIFTY expiry makes perfect sense.

I remember May 2017 BN… It pretended to go down and then it rocketed off as if there was no gravity.

So does it make sense to stay away from banking stocks in the last hours of its futures expiry?

Your thoughts are much appreciated.

Why u want to stay away> Traders want volatility right>

To better word it, I would not have an open position that is based on the rest of the day, after 3 PM.
Just to treat that like a new window of trade… as the patterns were out symmetry.

Or better still, just go with the flow and make some quick money.

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Good discussion. I simply assumed that the price movement is due to the new CEO announcment but few good insights was shared in this discussion. Thanks.

This remembers me of a discussion with one of my friend (who worked in a Brokerage firm). He used receive a call at 3 PM (frequently) from a client to trade on a particular stock and the same will be made to square off with profits most of the time on the same day,

Seems like someone knows this pattern…

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