Yoga & Meditation online sessions for all | ImStrong <> Zerodha

My name is Dilip and together with my co-founder Selvan we created ImStrong. We built ImStrong with the vision to make access to fitness and yoga easy and convenient for busy people.

Thanks to our partnership with Zerodha, we launched a program for all traders a few months ago. Details here

If you are a user of our online yoga and meditation classes, I’d like to hear your feedback.
How has it benefitted you? Any suggestions for us to improve your experience?

If you haven’t tried our classes yet, it’s not too late :slightly_smiling_face:
Sign up and attend here

Thank you


Hi this is Onil. I am regularly using iamstrong platform sponsored by Zerodha.
It was amazing journey so and I would look forward to continue. Thankyou zerodha for sponsoring this. Thank you Iamstrong team for helping with yoga and particularly with stress and anxiety.


Hi this is Vikram from Bangalore. I am very happy that zerodha sponsored imstrong yoga classes for zerodha traders. So greatfull to zerodha for this initiative. First time I m doing yoga regularly because of this good initiative. I can see lot of changes now including lost weight, now my trading decisions are making more sense due to regular meditation and regular yoga. Must mention trainer Manish Pole is excellent.
I request you to continue sponsoring this since it’s designed for traders.
Thank you

My name is Harshal and I am thankful to Imstrong and Zerodha for this wonderful yoga platform. I personally have learned alot new things about yoga from our beloved guru Manishji and have helped me in my fitness.
Thanks again

Hi, Karan from Bangalore. I have been doing Yoga for couple of months now through ImStrong platform for the sessions sponsored by Zerodha. Thank you Zerodha for this amazing initiative and introducing this to me. In these COVID challenging times, this is a great relief where it refreshes and boosts up body and mind, both of which are seeing tough times due to this lockdown. I feel this has happened at a very appropriate time for me (and I hope for others too ) to be able to appreciate the benefits of this and truly value it. Thank you so much to our guru @Manishji , Imstrong team and Zerodha team for such an lovely experience so far. :pray::pray:

Really blessed with super classes that help me keep energised for whole day with more relaxed state of mind. Thank you Zerodha and ImStrong team for your efforts.

I am doing the yoga using Zerodha’s and Imstrong online classes for the last two months .
I am thankful to Zerodha and Imstrong for this wonderful initiative. I found this ahead of time which is helping me sail smoothly, keeping the stress level well under control.
Actually the saying , WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH THE TOUGH GETS GOING, is more apt now with the help from Zerodha .
Many thanks

There has been alot ofbad things happening around in 2020 except for the yoga classes on ImStong. The teacher is world class. They listen to responses very quickly. They have a whatsapp grouo where you can clear every single doubt just as can clear your doubts related to market in
To say it simple and sweet it is truly an experience to do yoga. And it can never be described in words. And if you want to experience it, join the imstrong community and feel it for yourself.

Thanks Yogi Manish Pole and Imstrong team and Zerodha team for making Yoga a part of my life. I have immensely benefited from the online classes. My health has seen a visible improvement. Hearty thanks to Yogi Manish Pole for bringing this possible change in me. Thanks Dilip and Selvan for starting Imstrong and thanks Zerodha for incubating and supporting it.

Hi zerodha team … past few months it is very help ful in attending yoga classes sponsored by zeordha. Kindly continue the classes it is benefit to many people

Namaste to all… This is Tapan.
Have been practicing Yoga since last 3 months. It’s really helpful in keeping body and mind Fresh and calm. Could really see energy level improving. Even shaded lot of weight. Thanks to Manish Paul & Imstrong team fr incubating thoughtful sessions

Hi this is Prudhvi Raju, I’m very thankful to lmstrong and Zerodha for making this happen. For the first time I am doing yoga and feel very energetic through out the day

My experience with the Yoga and Meditation online sessions put together by ImStrong is simply fabulous! These have really helped me get into a routine and practice daily, focus on my sankalp, and of course be energetic and productive through the day. I really like the trainer, Manish Pole’s style of training. Immense gratitude to the team!

Very thankful to Imstrong and ZERODHA for these yoga classes. It has helped me becoming disciplined, focused and energetic throughout my day. It has helped in improving trading psychology
I will continue doing these classes so that it becomes a part of my lifestyle

Firstly thanks to zerodha being associated with I’mstrong. You are not only taking care about our finances but also our health. Coming to IMSTRONG its pleasure learning yoga & doing. Thanks for teaching from ground level and all the support

Hello everyone, in last few months I have greatly benefitted from Zerodha’s initiative with Imstrong for traders to be healthy in mind and body during this lockdown period. Yoga has brought wonderful changes in by body, I am grateful to all for devising this program and to Manish pole who is wonderful GURU fundamentally teaching us Asanas and Philosophy behind them.

Hi ,This is Valli.Have been practising yoga via imstrong provided by zerodha for a month now.
1.Never believed an online program for yoga would -but I was wrong -a holistic and complete experience enabling to practise at our pace and master .
2.The program is very well designed with pranayama,surya namaskar ,asanas and meditation-enabling us big time to inculcate into our daily routine .

Thank you Zerodha & imstrong for this wonderful collaboration.

Hi, iam doing yoga classes from the beginning when it was introduced by imstrong &zerodha.Now iam regularly practicing and feel more relaxed and stress free.Really thankful to zerodha and imstrong for this wonderful effort.

Prasanth Thattarakkal

Hi this is aditya. I have been practicing yoga for tha past 3 months and am really grateful to zerodha and Imstrong team to inculcate this new habit in my daily routine. Kudos to everyone who are working to make our life better in these tough time.

I am grateful to Zerodha and ImStrong for this super initiative. Manish is an amazing teacher and I am sure I would not be doing Yoga had it not been Manish and the great team behind him.

This program is a boon for the trader community because it enables us to reduce stress, maintain equanimity and keep fit.

Request that this program should continue for the benefit of Zerodha family!