Zerodha forcing me to become a gambler!

1st june 18200 CE 18300 CE till 19250 CE are not allowed to trade in this platform .

18200 is near just 500 points away from LTP still its not allowing me to trade .

Simply making me go towards LTP and making me a gambler .

The answer is receive from this highly unprofessional platform is that we dont allow as if zerodha is god !!!

You will be answerable one day , what all you are doing behind the closed iron weil , you will be put those iron bars .

Please Mark my wards .

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Are you trying to buy or sell options? From what I read from your other posts you are looking to sell. For selling there isn’t any restriction.

I only do selling . Its not allowing me to sell

Thats why i am crying and making a scene here .

I don’t think that’s possible. I am even selling 18500 and beyond.

I think it has got to do with expiry. You are looking for June 1 weekly expiry. Go for May month end options. They are liquid enough.

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Please take back your curse, going by what Jason has mentioned, it could be your misunderstanding of your trade . “Zerodha will be put behind iron bars”. Dont want this to happen, if this happens, then there will be no trading qna and these questions and answers.

Do take back your curse please. reiterate this because your curse may come true due to your user name…


It is. He is not understanding the implications of certain things. I understand that it’s his right to trade whatever he wants, but zerodha tries to protect their clients in different ways.
I am in no way associated with zerodha and in so many occasions I have raised my concerns. But such allegations in my opinion were totally not acceptable.


May month contracts I already took last month . Now they became worthless . No point in taking them again .

I sell exactly one month before as soon as they open you will get good premium. Afterwards it become worthless that time i exit .

But i sell atleast 800-1200 points away on both sides . So that i get maximum profit .

But last two months onwards zerodha is not allowing me to take trades beyond 400-500 points which is very risky .

In one day nifty can move 200 points in that case ill get stuck badly . Since i am on selling side my risk would be unlimited. If its far there will be enough room for breathing.

Unfortunately zerodha acting like “Gandhari” who chose to become blind with out any logic .I am wondering Who can tell her !! Krishna tried and failed .

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This instrument is not traded yet, may be thats why zerodha is blocking it (there might be some illiquidity checks in place)

i was able to place a limit order though

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It’s not worthless yet. The premium has come down. If you had sold 18400 call of May end and now you feel the premium is not enough just shift that to 18300 call. You need to understand option valuation on how you can make adjustments. For extra one week you have brought strike 100 points closer.

Trading in illiquid strikes can be worse.

Please change your broker.

In my grandmothers place they sell even petrol in grocery store. But if I come to my city, they don’t. I can’t fight with them or curse them for not giving me what I want. If you want you buy the products from here or you go to some other shop.
Just like you are asking for your right, the broker too has right to block any trade in the best interest of their business or of the client.
I too have certain issues with some of the restrictions from zerodha. I have moved to an alternative which meets my demands.

I hope you understand what I am trying to say. I am an option seller who sells even further OTM. And trust me June 1, 18400ce is riskier than you think. Anyways I am not here to give you trading tips.


@viswaram thats what whole point , if its not trading means that i am that someone who wants to trade .

If its not allowing to trade how will it become non zero ?

I am not able to place the order at all . Which is very unfortunate.

I hope someone will wake up the guy who is acting sleeping and responsible for this immoral act .

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I used to have problems like you - select a broker that suits your requirement. I used to complain 3 years back when i joined tradingqna - then i realized its better for me to change than change others.

Every broker has pros and cons


Exactly actually i want to sell 19000 ce but its not allowing, tgen started moving up and landed near 18400 even then its not allowing. How far up i need to go !!

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Mr. Crybaby is back!

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Forget June 1. You sell monthly options. Instead of 19k for June 1 go for 18900 of May month end. If nifty goes up you can shift to June 1. Liquidity will come in by then.

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After this sentence, I will also stop replying.
I hope it’s not immoral to do so. :pray:

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Thats what i am trying convey the message ,

For May series they dont have any problem only one week later they are not allowing.

They are allowing even in December ( which I already sold ) they have problem only with june 1st how peculiar and biased and illogical .

Exchange is clearly allowing me to trade but zerodha blocking that too on sell side .

Boss why you throwing tantrum like kid since few days. What happened? Markets getting tough to trade. Made some losses. It will pass, dont worry. Some of us making losses only. Everything will be fine.

broker reserve their right to let you trade or not according to their RMS. Now I am not advertising. But if the product you are using is not meeting your expectations/demands dont you move to a different one?

Relax boss. and enjoy trading.


Boss what is this? Come on man.


@Gnome thanks for your concern and kind reply.

As you rightly pointed out i want to relax and enjoy my trading. You tell me if i sell 18400 would i be able to sleep ?

I am complaining about something which is immoral, even on technical basis they should not deny my trades . But what they are doing is wrong hopefully if u understand you will support me as well .

P.S: Even in this tough market i am generating 3-4% monthly return.

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Why arent you able to sleep. That is deep issue. Consult a doctor please. Never neglect your health. All this premium selling money is not worth sacrificing sleep boss.

You not knowing meaning of immoral is scary for me. Broker has their of risk management system according to which they let you do certain things or not let you do certain things. As I was saying “This is not an advertisement”. If this broker doesn’t satisfy your trading need. You know you have freedom to move to different one.

I understand your issue but i cant support your immoral request.

Good for you enjoy that. Make more.


When there is a liquidity problem in strikes, any erratic movement can cause brokerages to close.

It’s a risk Z is unwilling to take. Certain other brokers might be overjoyed.

Z is also playing it safe in the broker universe by not taking any risks, just as you want to sell far OTM.