Zerodha Kite Vs NSE NOW Vs Best

Which Trading Software Is Best Among The Above 3 Mainly On Basis Of Reliablity, Mainly ?

I Am Currently Using Kite, If Other Two Are More Relaible Then How To Migrate From Kite ?

Don’t migrate, as none of those are better

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Please suggest better one

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Best and Now have a very awful interface online. I would choose kite on any day.

If you download the softwares, Zerodha Pi is best because of charting and expert advisor feature.

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Hmmm, if you are not satisfied with the best of these, which is kite, you should definitely try the true competitors of kite like upstox and fyers brokers. Just a simple Google search can tell you some more names to try out if there are any, and you may even find a better alternative to tell us all here.


For execution and reliability NSE NOW…period

Charting and All in one package go for kite


fyers have far superior platform in terms of usability.

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Are Zerodha Allowing Migration From Kite to Now, I have Read on their Weabsite Now They Dont Allow.

Hey @Amolak_Singh

We no longer allow migration from Kite to Now. It isn’t operationally feasible for us.

Strongly Agree.

If you want to use NSE NOW , open an account with

You have not used NSE NOW, for sure.

Strongly Agree, but for execution nothing can beat NSE NOW.

Finvasia is one broker with whom I don’t mind using even Best. Flat 0 brokerage, even on options saves me atleast 200 Rs /day. In Zerodha, squaring off just 5 options trades costs that much

Finvasia is an undiscovered gem among the Indian brokerages for retail traders.

But, they do not have skilled people in their management who knows how to promote their business. For this reason not many people have heard about them. Sad.

If only they had quarter of the skills of our respected Kamath brothers, Finvasia would be right next to Zerodha, in the list of largest brokers in India.

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@chandru.vks was about to, but execution is not the only thing you look for in a trading platform, isn’t it? Definitely NSE now will be best because it is being offered by the exchange itself, while kite is being offered by the broker.

If u are good in trading then zerodha is best.
If u have knowledge of trading and not good in trading then zerodha is not perfect

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zerodha kite must include all indicators of trading view

may be in next update of kite

mobile trading is not at all safe and dangerous, in crucial times i.e after 1.30 app will not even launch to exit the positions. suffered many many many times, even chart will not open in live market hours after 1.30 in mobile. Always trade when you have laptop and good broad band connections.

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This is not necessarily true, in last 6 months we have witnessed more than 10 failures with NOW application. Also customization is not possible with NOW. UI/UX also matters for any trading application.