Zerodha NFO is on!

Zerodha’s Nifty 250 Index fund NFO is open… Who all are applying?

I am tempted to apply for the love for zerodha… but already have a considerable investment in Nifty 100 fund

Would apply just because of my love towards ZERODHA.

@ShubhS9 Don’t cancel me now :face_with_hand_over_mouth:





Though i complain from time to time about some shortcomings, I am a huge Zerodha fan and wouldn’t go anywhere else. The reliability, UI and trust is unmatched.

Till now my investments are -
Motilal Oswal SP 500 Index - 25%
Niftybees - 25%
Liquid Funds and Free cash - 50%

I pledge all these and trade using the margin. I keep re investing the trading profits in the same ratio every month, pledge those extra units and keep going.

i read Zerodha’s offer document making the case for Largemidcap 250 and tbh i am sold on the idea. So i will happily shift new investments meant for Niftybees to Zerodha’s fund but only when it becomes available for pledging. Hopefully it is soon after the fund debuts around 8 november.
@nithin if you guys could do anything to expedite the availability for pledging, that would be great.


Also an idea for a new index fund -
40-60% of Nifty(or largemidcap 250 itself)
40-60% of SP500

Rebalanced quarterly by the fund house itself.

Vanguard in USA has Total World Market Index fund. I dont know how feasible that is in india both from the point of view of execution/costs and that India has low allocation in such funds so not many people might prefer it.

@Bhuvan @Neelesh can you guys check on this?


HDFC Developed World Indexes Fund of Funds tracks MSCI World Index. It might be nearest representation of what you are looking for

We’ll speak to the clearing corp once the fund is available for repurchase.

I never invested in anything & I love day trading.

This is the first time I have invested in any mutual fund because Its from Zerodha.

You are an option seller and I believe you pledge securities for margin. You will have to wait for some time before you can pledge these.

Edit: Saw your next post. You put in only 1k.

No, I do not pledge securities for margin.
I trade with full cash no collateral.

Why not? If you don’t like the equity volatility, you could choose a safe liquid fund and pledge that. That would give you 5-6% too.

May be his annual return is more than 60 percent.
If debt funds give around 6 percent, and give back 90 percent as margin, we are effectively getting 60 percent return on 10 percent of funds blocked.

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  1. Your trades may be highly dependent on options buying rather than selling.

  2. The mutual funds may not have a 50:50 cash: equity ratio

  3. The returns and risks are highly fluctuating

otherwise there is no reason not to trade on pledged margin

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@Bhuvan @nithin @ShubhS9 hello :wave: there is no option to Invest in nfo via zerodha fund house website, it redirects to coin or RTA or third party platforms.
Is investing via fundhouse website coming soon or zerodha fund house will always accept via RTA and third party platforms?

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We had a discussion and figured there was no point in recreating a purchase journey given that most investors would have an account with an MF platform/Broker already.


Thanks @Bhuvan
Can you clarify these please

  1. as Nfo is open till 3rd Nov. Is there any benefit to Invest now or wait till last day as everyone invested in this period will get same NAV 10₹ once listed?
  2. I hope there are no relationship managers in zerodha fundhouse unlike other Amcs who constantly spam to join webinars or invest in nfo. Can you confirm?

Makes no difference. You can apply whenever you wish to,

Nope :slight_smile:

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Can someone please explain the investment strategy of this fund in simple terms for someone lazy like me?