Zerodha NFO is on!

Hmm, I’m sorry
I really don’t want to use either of those options. I tried with 3 banks including my salary account but couldn’t find the fund anywhere.

Just a suggestion, Bank option should also be available on fund website , like it is everywhere else.

you mean the banking apps right?

Hey, is it not a big hassle to create account on every AMC’s website? Even if you invest directly on AMC website, they maintain the record with CAMS or Kfintech.

CAMS and Kfintech collaborated and made MFCentral app so that you can use it directly.

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Banking Apps don’t offer direct plan options. The fund only offers direct plan here you will only find it in Coin, Groww, Kuvera, CAMs etc. Also don’t ask any distributors. No one will tell you about this fund.

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Zerodha Fund House launches Gold ETF!


Waiting for smallcap index fund and momentum index funds. Especially in ELSS category, since no funds exist for ELSS + smallcap.

Could have captured these funds after COVID, after which smallcaps have given like ~50% CAGR in 3 years.

Will not be the case again, but atleast can put into a smallcap ELSS with a 8-10 year horizon and save on tax

Each fundhouse can have only 1 ELSS fund. Zerodha already has one (large midcap index)

So, no more ELSS funds possible

Big f, seems weird to restrict passive ELSS funds to one

@Bhuvan can you please bring covered call ETF or Mutual Fund - these fund are very popular in USA

I think the Indian markets are quite some time away from derivatives based MF/ETF products :slight_smile: This need a fair bit of regulatory changes.

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Didn’t SEBI already doing something about this since Nov last year ?