Zerodha PI - Please dont phase out

Hi Zerodha Team,

I recently rang to your support for issues surrounding charting platform in Zerodha PI. Surprised to hear from your support analyst that Zerodha is phasing out PI altogether and there will be no update or support.

To be frank, I like Zerodha PI than Kite. It is always good to have a stable Desktop Trading Platform than a thin client web based trading platforms.

Major reason is - The ability to place Quick Limit Orders / Quick Market Orders with just a click without having to go through lot of head aches of typing in Order Type, Qty, Price and click Confirm button etc. It helps a lot for traders who trade options and enter multiple lots at quick fraction of a second or even Stock Scalpers who like to get in and out at a good price.

Zerodha always produced world class products in Trading Industry, but with the move of removing PI is completely surprising. You will need to have a good Thick Client Trading Platform for active traders. Kite does not support quick limit/market orders from chart with just a click. It goes through a lot of order type questions which are completely time consuming and unnecessary.

If you guys don’t want to pour your resources into Zerodha PI, atleast dont sunset it. Just update your charting platform in PI to load data properly then let it be there for users who use PI to trade.

Hope I get a positive response soon.


I feel for you. Hopefully, Zerodha keeps pi for users like us though it might be a small base. @Nithin once mentioned that it doesn’t cost much to keep pi running. We are not asking for upgrades, but at least keep pi running.

Zerodha, the giant ,unlike sebi, won’t mind that tiny request.

I find some functions in pi ease up a bit of my trading experience And trading is super hard. Please don’t phase out pi. Let it be there laying on the corner. Don’t kick him out of the house. or is it her? Please @nithin

Yeah, because Pi is not a inhouse platform, it is a mix of different vendor technologies stitched together by another third party, we want to phase it out because it is not under our control.

Also it is not easy to make quick changes to platform as it is not inhouse, we have faced few issues when there are sudden regulatory changes.

For any development/changes on the platform we have to rely on third party only.

Also to put in perspective 99.99% of trading happens from kite and just few hundred of people are using pi out of 5 million clients, so don’t think it make any sense for us as a business to maintain it because it also takes same resources as kite, I mean operational wise and not monetary, the compliance we have to go through as it is a trading platform is a lot.

Will check on this part, if possible to add on kite.

Actually no, we get only only couple of thousand orders from pi where are we process 6 to 7 millions orders a day. We want to phase it out because clients are not using it, only couple of hundred are actively using it out of 5 million.


Thanks for the quick response.

Hoping to get a positive turnaround through this.

can you tell the version you are using for Pi ?

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I am using the latest one as there are no updates available under Updates on PI currently.

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@Heartlin_Sunderji yes mine is not opening though…pi was excellent

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really disheartening news… at least keep a desktop based trading terminal for better stability… even Nithin promised to continue Pi… why are you all focused on browser based trading…personally I run my code on Pi for intraday…it is good for scalping options…good for big market watch analysis. You are just focusing on cost cutting, even if few users are using Pi it means they know how valuable this platform it…please continue Pi, I request team Zerodha and CEO Nithin to not disband Pi.

Well, expect the blunt response.

You people on pi, though are our clients, are minor. We cannot develop any platform other than kite. We are blind to the features pi has. We are blind to anything on pi.

Unlist this.

Have you heard about aliceblue. Pi is being well treated there.

If you like desktop trading platform, use dartstock. This is provided free of cost by Fyers and Upstox. But desktop platforms are superior and good for day traders where they do lot of analysis in live market. For web, Zerodha Kite is the best platform. It is the most clean and sleek UI and the glitches have gone down considerably (almost none this year). The OI restriction in Zerodha for index options which is a major hurdle if not resolved will force me to migrate to another broker. I do hedged positional trading and I should be able to buy options without restrictions to get the margin benefit.

i use link to excel feature. So, is that feature available in the platforms you mentioned?

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Yes. check this: Advanced Watch List features that every trader must have | Fyers

Dartstocks provided by Upstox is discontinued but the same is provided by Fyres with name Fyres one, seems to be impressive than Pi in many ways.

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To be more precised, u have forced Pi users during Kites early days of launch to migrate from Pi to Kite to get it promoted whether we like it or not, if u can remember, Every querry and help for Pi were doused by Zs team and asked to migrate to Kite as soon as possible saying Pi is beig phased out. So dont say, there are only few users of Pi. Only u forced clients to do so. Pi still is good to use. And as @nithin had himself replied in one of my querry that there is not a penny of extra cost liability on Zs and Pi will keep running. So let it be running as even if few users. There is no match to some of the features of Pi yet.


Yes because it is not in house, we are not able to do any changes quickly on it and we are dependent on third party. If some issue happens it is not possible for us to debug and fix.

Of course it was never monetary, it is compliance liability we need to face. I mean if there is any issue we are responsible whereas we never had control of it as we are dependent on third party.

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As a pi user, this stands completely true.

@Alex_R @ronin_sha
Can you describe some of the features of Pi which are not possible in Kite ?

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Why don’t u ask Team Z why and what is not possible on Kite ??

Absolutely - Zerodha forced users to move to Kite years back. Worldwide every single broker provides and promotes a thick client desktop trading terminal for stable charts and order execution. Take it Think or Swim, E Signal from US. Why do Zerodha, which is the leading broker in India, and has so much profit margin thinking of not promoting or developing a Desktop Version Trading Terminal ?


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