Zerodha TV Chart (Multiple Chart/Time Frame Analysis)

Hi @siva,

Why aren’t we supposed to load drawings of multiple chart of different symbol in one screen?

Meaning, In 2 charts layout I would like to watch One Nifty Auto and on on Right My Stock specific. And I want to view my drawings critical levels of each symbol? Is there a way?

Image is attached for reference

You can see I’m not able to load my drawings for nifty auto on the left. If i load chart everything gets erased.

We would request you to select multi-view layout–>add drawings and save this as a layout as shown below and can be used when you close the chart and initiate it again from load chart layout.

Reference link:

Let’s say i have drawn critical levels for multiple symbols and saved the charts for each symbol separately. Now i want to compare it in multi-view i load the multi-view chart i get the symbol in multi-view all fine but how do i load the levels i drew for each of those symbols without having to draw them again?

If you see my reference image above. I have the levels for the stock Tata Motors on the right but how do i get the levels for Nifty Auto without having to draw them again?

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if you can use mt5 to get data then you can use this.