Zerodha unlisting questions which are not convenient to them!

This is very frustrating. Many of the valid questions that need a discussion and attention are unlisted by zerodha team. That way, they can avoid answering them and also others getting to know about such issues.

What are the alternate forums where we can take these discussions ? I am sure this question also will be unlisted !! In that case, let us take this to Quora , TraderJi etc and we should stop using this !


I have seen Zerodha fanboys downvoting answers on quora that are quite tart to their tongues.

Twitter is the only platform they fear.


Ok, let us share every unlisted post on twitter !


By the way, WhiteHatJr allegedly managed to crush all criticisms by ‘various means’. I am sure Zerodha also has enough firepower to do this.
I think SEBI also playing nicely to the tunes and has its eyes closed. And, once in a while there is some symbolic actions.


I really thought as you are there from long time on this forum you know most about trading related. What we are unlisting are personalized and account specific, don’t want to make this support forum, If you are facing any issue then please create a ticket.

For ex, can check this thread Strike price is outside the allowed range - #216 by teenscm and this issue is real and many are effected and people are bashing us for this and we have not deleted it, and there are many threads where we are criticized. We just unlist personalized / account specific related but not just based on criticism.


I can assure that is not by Zerodha employees but maybe clients who like zerodha. We accept feedback and try fixing it if it is possible and that is the reason which helped us grow. We listen to our clients. I have noticed few of your responses related to option strikes we allow, as said there is nothing much we can do as the limit is set by SEBI and we have to adhere to.


Since you mentioned tickets, and since I couldn’t find this information on the Zerodha support portal: What do I do if I find that a ticket that I create has been closed with an irrelevant and/or unhelpful response? Is there an established escalation procedure? If the person who responded to my ticket did not do a good job for whatever reason, what recourse do I have?

The only remotely related answer that I could find of the support website is this, but I think that link talks about more serious “real-world” issues, not about escalating support issues.


Nothing against you personally- you are a gentleman.

You can message me with your ticket number, if I also failed then you can message Nithin directly.


Thank you, @siva . I will remember to use this sparingly.

I do not agree to this. I hd a question on what is zerodha doing to bring wint wealth investments under pledge-able securities list. Are you guys raising it up with clearing houses/ regulators?

I don’t think it was an account specific question and yet got delisted.
@siva @nithin

I guess it is more to do with liquidity of the securities. As these bonds are not traded, they may never be allowed to be pledged as collateral.

We can’t influence regulators, if they allow we will allow. This was already asked in multiple threads hence that might have been delisted.

Any update on your second membership, although it had been quite a time since but i remember you guys talking about getting a new exchange membership to sort this issue.

It didn’t worked out as there are many compliance/regulatory issues around it.

i once asked why zerodha nt allowing trading intrady in asm stage 1 stocks whn other brokers do n they simply n conveniently unlisted
@siva @nithin

I am not getting any replies even after raising ticket. I would like to get my refund. Who am i supposed to email ?

ASM 1 we allow I believe, GMS2 and above we completely block. Also the same is mentioned in support articles, there are many threads running so sometimes we unlist new threads or specific to Zerodha related.

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I have informed to streak Team.

Well, this thread is not unlisted.
And also this thread Brokers without OI restrictions

So good on them…

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