Ability to create different portfolios in Kite


Hi Team,

Please introduce a feature to create different portfolios for different purposes. This way you can buy various stocks based on the theme. e.g. I want to have a core portfolio and a satellite portflio. If I can create and track these portfolios, that would really help me. People can also track their goal based investments then in Kite.


Within Kite will be tough. But we intend to have this facility on our reporting platform Q.


Thanks, that will be an awesome feature to have.

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Nithin, this would be super helpful…
If we could create upto 5 diff portfolios within Kite by strategy that would be excellent -
for example 1) Core - don’t touch 2) Turn-arounds 3) call-options - users can group their existing holdings by names they choose & when they View their Kite Holdings, it could show subtotals etc…
This would make unnecessary any excel based repetitive work & Kite could be the 1-stop place to see it all, Live…
Please consider !
Thank you

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Hi, Please consider this feature. It will be very useful.


Could you share the timelines, due to this I am forced to leave Zerodha.



I was exactly looking for this feature in Kite 2019 and didn’t find any.

I intend to maintain atleast two portfolios - 1) Long term 2) Regular

But as of now I don’t see any way to achieve this within kite.

Please bring this feature. It will immensely helpful.