Am I cheated by share market

My name is M.Tarif. I am a trader at zerodha ( trading id: yp5889).
Now i am writing this email to express my huge concern and register a complaint. Although, I am a new trader with real money but have been doing demo trading since september 2016. I have also been learning about the stocks since then. I have done a lot of research and studies and as a result found 2 good equity trading strategies. I did demo trading with them and they both gave good results. But as soon as I used them in real market and they started giving me losses. As if some one was playing with my money. As if some one was controlling the stock prices. It was so annoying and disturbing. This is not fair. I am feeling cheated. For now, i have stopped trading . Please respond to this. Wht should i do?

Here the big question is that the same 2 strategies gave good results in demo trading and failed compleately in real market. I am not worried about loss but my entire time and effort since september 2016 is getting wasted. So much time I have devoted. I will take the matter to where ever its possible. I may report this to SEBI if its not solved. Please give an explanation. Also when I trade with a demo capital of 20 k then the lowest loss which i could have made was 1k which was hit occassinally but now this loss is happening in every second trade. Kindly explain.

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Demo treading is like playing Super Mario, while actual treading is like fighting in real war.

Stock market is really unpredictable world. And trust me, you are not alone with whom such thing had happened. Its more about controlling your emotions than your money.

This is all what i have to say to you.


The Stock Markets are how it is. Good for some people and bad for others.

Never give up, we need to adapt and evolve to this system and change our trading habits to survive.


yes brother … welcome to the world of conscious numbers.

It happens to all traders , it happened to me … you need to survive this wave of pressure with patience . Demo trading is useless. Many tells to trade demo before trading in real money … but the difference is with demo trading , you KNOW you have nothing to loose … so you have no panic , no fear , no being controlled sensation , no tension atall to change in breathing depths and change of decisions …
In real trading your hard earned money is on the table … your gut is out there … you are 100% susceptible to panic , fear , distress , sudden joy , sudden sorrow … all the extremes of human emotions , they play a vital role to change your depths of breathing and decisions too … so you can not follow paper trading formula you did earlier.

It is said , when you loose money in the market , it feels like one of your organ has been chopped off. The loosing sense is so severe , it is directly linked to the pain sensation of the same brain cells that responds to cut wounds , the more the loose , the more the wound becomes.
So I understand your condition.
IF you can sustain this situation , go on managing wounds and you will become successful , if you think its too painful for you , leave trading now.
Money from trading is not easy money … I think it is most hard to earn money from trading , especially it is even harder to keep that money growing throughout your life…

Lastly you are not cheated by the stock market , you are cheated by your very own mind… if you can clearly see this , welcome to trading again to defeat your very own mind… if you can’t see this … forgive me , I said nothing to you , just give up trading.

I am in the market since 2003 … and still learning to know nothing :wink: and enjoying it.



1.Then why people reccomend demo trading if it is " like playing super mario"?
2. What should I do now?
Or just answer my third question and leave the other 2. But give elaborate reply. I would be grateful.
3. How the price of the shrare moves in market and why so much difference in demo and real trading?

I have one question.
Why so much difference in real and demo trading? I would be grateful if u answer in detail.

See … I am still a dumb fellow in front of the stock market. The more day I pass , more dumb I become just by looking at the immensity and complexity of the market.
But this much I can surely tell you that there is a hell and heaven difference in demo and real trading! Because demo trading not even a trading my brother.
If you really want to test your strategy … Do it with one stock or so but with real money … Still then you will feel weaker if you invest big amount when you are serious.
Market is not even a factor … Your mind is the only factor.
I hope you also know the fact that 90% of the trader loose their money! Do you really want to be a trader among those 10% :sunglasses:

Do you know most successful traders do maditate regularly ! To please some god! Nope … If you fail to create a heaven within you … Market can create hell within you in a fraction of a second.
Those mutual fund calculators ! Those elss funds! Those SIP funds ! All are there to lure you… There are managers … Agents with suit and boot … With their tools of marketing … Engulfing your cerebral activity only because of one purpose … They need their bread and butter out of our money. Market is not that easy as they have forced us to believe.
I know people after retirement invested 60 lakh rupees through fund managers (I do not want to name anyone) … Changed thrice … New fund managers rearranged portfolio with their version of BLUE CHIPs ,mfs … Yet today his portfolio values only 8 lakh.
No one is educated enough in this field.

About your question… Brother … How
The price of the shares moves in the market! … It seems you are a new trader … I might not be able to give you proper reply… But I have an answer.
That there is no proper answer.
I do not want to give you gossip.
Only greed makes the price go up and fear makes the price go down and this greed and fear are perfect twin in nature .No body can tell you when greed will become fear or fear will convert to greed. That’s why the stop loss is there.
People give all the gossip and lastly says stop loss is a must :rofl:
You seemed to be young … Invest slowly … And only the amount you can afford to loose. Have patience and understand you have nothing to loose … Your life is just a moment in time.


Pls don’t get into such demo trading etc. First learn, make your own strategy, test it & then trade. there are very few experts in this market & make most of the money. You may choose some good stocks & do positional trades which are much safer. With markets at low you may get decent / fair prices as well…

Yes. its a place for big traders/market movers. If you have to make money then you have to be on the same side of these traders.

It took few years for me to understand this.

Take a look here, how they are making money easily.

Noboby is cheating you but your own brain.
Have you heard of free hit in cricket.
It is the ideal condition for any batsman- you can not get out at any means possible. You just need to hit and score on extra ball.
But statistics tell us that most free hits are watsted as even mightiest batsman can’t score a run. PRESSURE man, pressure.

Even a greatest surgeon will never operate on his own son.
PRESSURE causes us to take very wrong decisions.

When you are trading with demo account there was no pressure, but with real money there is a pressure.
How much you deny…Even you might not be feeling it, still there is a pressure.

Can you tell me your strategy?


Can you give more clarity on your strategy? This hardly explains anything.
There could be many differences between Demo Trading and Live Markets.
Order execution, impact costs, etc.
Probably the gurus in this forum help you direct to the right path

Please read this you will understand the reasons.

Also demo trading will always work because emotions don’t involve in it. when you do live trading then emotions will be involved.

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Where are the numbers? details, methods etc? You cannot ask a question without enough context for people to answer.

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Wow… i am impressed. I will vote for you buddy.

This stuff is getting on to my nerves really… Demo is real and real is fraud… but demo is not fraud…i just cant take it anymore

Dont stop with SEBI. you know . they are more like “demo” regulators… My suggestion is take this complaint to … yeah…may be UN or International court or something… We need justice… i am ready to give you all the money i made in my demo account to fight this fraud.


This is unmaterued psychlological question…ur loosing money ur are resposible for that… not sebi or broker or any goverment entity… what u mean by demo trading… did u backtested ur startegy in real market? there are plently of people making good money… even many people loosing money too…you should aquire the skills to earn money… and u told 1.5 years of learing in demo… its nothing… untill u trade in real market atleast 1 to 2 years u cant get real life experiance… im in this market from last 5 to 6 years… still learing… change ur thinking first… “YOU ARE RESPOSIBLE FOR YOUR LOSS/PROFIT, NOBODY ELSE”

traif bro… mt4 demo trade is far better than fake pen paper trade… try that first… your are not cheated by any one… even i have faced that problem too… now I am an average millionaire

You seem to possess a lot of knowledge. Why do n’t you clear my few doubts. And yes If I found them guilty, I will take the matter to whereever I want. There is nothing to laugh on this. People spend time and money. Money can be recovered but not time.

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Oh lord! Even I can not even ask the question? Is it such a big crime. Yes I have tested my strategy. Perhaps u should evolve and try to understand others problem before using such unmatured words. Take it serously.

Brother, what is mt4.

Did you ever think hard on why strategies ALWAYS work in demo and not in real time?

if that were the case , everyone here would be making money. Its so easy , isn’t it?

Think hard , as to why this is the case and you will get the answer.

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