Any update on investing in US stocks directly from Zerodha?

Currently we’ve very ‘limited’ options to invest in US stocks directly from Zerodha, basically we’ll have to do it through ETF’s. - It would be great if we can buy/trade US stocks directly from Coin or Kite, this way we wouldn’t have to use any separate platforms for direct US investments, and Zerodha will be one stop solution for everything.

P.S I’ve gone through the “Remittance & withdrawal issues” which were discussed in 2020, will be happy to hear more on the currect progress into this feature.

Hi @SouvikUnscripted

This is the latest update on this topic

Appreciate your response @Meher_Smaran. — Can you also please respond to How the new SEBI regulations for execution-only platforms impacts Coin by Zerodha? if you’ve any information on this, I posted a few days ago and I’m worried a little bit on this haha. Thank you.