Any way to view detailed stock information in Kite or smallcase or Screener?

I would like to view detailed stock information like delivery percentage and other fundamental financial details of stock. how can i do that? that feature is available in zerodha?

i have come to know we can’t buy traded gold bonds (SGB) in zerodha. anyone knows when it will be available in zerodha?

i am also eagerly waiting for GTC feature in zerodha?

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Delivery % isn’t shown on Zerodha platforms, you can check it out on BSE and NSE sites. For other fundamental analysis you can explore it’s awesome.

You can apply here -

BTST is not a feature. You buy a stock in CNC and sell it tomorrow, that’s called BTST. Remeber you cannot do BTST trades in stock which are in Trade to Trade category. To understand more about stock categories checkout this awesome post by @VenuMadhav

Sorry My Bad It is not BTST, i wrongly typed, it is GTC Order

the above link is to buy fresh issue of gold, but buying of traded gold bonds are not allowed in zerodha

A good til canceled (GTC) order For Now, Not Available at ZERODHA.