Bharti Airtel Limited - Rights Issue

Rights Issue of Bharti Airtel opens on May 3rd, 2019 and closes on May 17th, 2019. If an investor holds 67 shares as on the record date (April 24th, 2019) s/he is eligible to apply for 19 shares at the price of Rs. 220 each.

The process of applying for a rights issue is through ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount). If your bank supports it, you can apply online just like an IPO.

If not then you would have received a courier of the Composite Application Form (CAF) from RTA (Registrar and Transfer Agent) of the company. You will have to fill the form and submit it at a Self Certified Syndicate Banks (SCSBs) branch.

The details of the Rights issue will be mentioned in the form which primarily includes the Rights Issue ratio and the Book closure date.

The details to be filled are:

  • Cheque/DD details (non ASBA)
  • Select NSDL - if your DP starts with IN. Select CDSL if the DP ID is completely numeric.
  • Your PAN number. If you have a joint account then fill in the PAN of the second holder.
  • Fill your DP details. You can find your DP ID and the Beneficiary number under the profile section of Console .
  • Your signature. Signatures of both account holders if it is joint account.

Once done you can submit at any branch of a Self Certified Syndicate Banks (SCSBs). The list of banks can be found on the application from itself.

Once the issue allotment is completed, the stocks will be credited to your DEMAT account within 15 to 20 days from the Book Closure date.

For an example on how to apply for a Rights issue, check out this post on TradingQ&A.

Refer below for relevant circulars:

Also, check out this post on the Vodafone Idea Rights Issue.

  • rights issue is scheduled to open on May 3 and close on May 17
  • The last date for receiving request for split application form is May 10, 2019
    *RIGHTS RENUNCIATION will be listed from 03 may to 13 may at BSE under code 750622 in R group.
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Anyone trying online ASBA for applying to this right issue ?
Please help with name of the bank which has this issue listed for online application.

Like for the idea rights issue, very few banks might be accepting online asba. The best route would be to submit your form physically at any scsb branch

Submitting physical form, at designated SCSB branch is probably THE option, but it is a huge waste of time & effort (hope someone in SEBI is listening).
In case someone finds any bank providing ASBA application for Airtel RI, please do post the same here.

designated scsb branches ( ASBA) many collection centres (cheque or DD) plus if can not move out of work place either due to work or traffic issues , one can courier the application along with Cheque /DD to registrar. there is a provision even to deduct dd making charges and courier expenses.

Thanks @sabkaview !!
But I am told that beyond 2 Lakh application amount, ASBA is compulsory and cheque route can not be adopted. Can you throw some light please…

YES if the application amount is more than rs 2 lakh ASBA is compulsory if the applicant is a shareholder and has not renounced any part.
if some part is renounced by the shareholder than the shareholder and renouncee must use only cheque method irrespective of application amount.

I have a bank account with Yes Bank and there is no option for Bharti Airtel Rights Issue.
So I have to apply through physical form.

My query is that “When will I get the form through courier since I have not received yet? If I do not get the CAF through courier then whom should I contact? How can I get the CAF in that case?”
Anyone please help.

Yesterday by Registered Post I received the form.

I got CAF form yesterday , but right issue mentioned are less than what I hold … I had bought few shares on 23 April as well, those are not mentioned in CAF form… What should I do here ?

23rd April was the ex-date. Only the shares bought until April 22, 2019, would be eligible for the rights issue.

but in form it was mentioned should bought till 24 April are applicable for right issue

April 24th was the record date. If you have shares in your demat account on April 24th, you’d have been eligible for those shares. Shares bought upto April 22nd would be delivered to you by April 24th since the settlement cycle in our markets is T+2. Shares bought on April 23rd (T day), similarly, would have been delivered to you on April 25th (T+2 day).


ok…got that Thanks …that might be reason
on 06 may 1,84,041 rights renunciation shares traded at bse at wap of rs 104.04 code 750622 R group .

I haven’t received my CAF for Airtel rights Isuue.

Is there a way i can download it.

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Kindly browse up and read the whole thread . you are sure to get guided on many other aspects of this rights issue.