GIC Allotted… Not showing in my holding?

I have been alloted GIC , I followed the steps yesterday as shown in this thread.

When it will be showing in my holdings?

It will be shown in your holdings on the day it lists.

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Ok . thanks @Bhuvan

Hello @itsgrv, can you please tell me how you have added shares in zerodha.
I have gone through thread but still i need your help.
If you can send me the snapshot, it would be very helpful.
Thanks in advance.

There is no need for you add discrepant value to update the allotment price. Will be updated automatically.

@Bhuvan this means now i do not have to do any thing after allotment message which i have got from cdsl???
everything would be automatically updated in my account…please guide…

Hi Bhuvanesh.
I have a query related to the trading symbol. What should be entered in the SYMBOL field ?
is that an optional field or later can be changed?
I guess if that is not imporant, the ISIN number should be exact as per the information showing in CDSL holdings page? correct ?

Yep, that’s right. :slight_smile: On the listing day if you are unable to add the scrip to your marketwatch, just follow these steps

Please ignore my question
i was able to get answer here

Well I was not aware of automatic allotment… Thanks @Bhuvan @Satan

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that is confusing, so for people who added IPO allotment using discrepant holding screen, will this be treated as duplicate
1: Manually added by users
2: Automatic Sync from CDSL

well i don’t think it will be treated as duplicate… it must be handled by zerodha

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There no need to add a discrepant value. The allotment price will automatically be updated.

i have added a discrepant value, will it be a problem?

@Bhuvan @itsgrv @srijithpv i am slightly confused, kindly throw some light on this. Is it only the price which will be updated after we have added the discepant trade or we even do not have to add discrepant trade quantities.
One more thing till what time will the shares will be available for watch in kite or pi.??
please help as tomorrow is listing day and i am not able to see gic in my holdings…

There is no need for you to add a discrepant value to update the allotment price. Will be updated automatically.
You will see the stock in your holdings on the day it lists.

@Bhuvan what will happen if i added a discrepant value?? i was not aware and did it yesterday…

@Bhuvan it is now showing but it is showing at 912 not at discount rate 867… which retail investor got

GIC alloted and not showing

clean your cache and try