How does coin subscription fees of Rs 50/month work?


If i buy MF directly from MF website, no charges then with Zerodha.


By the grace of Almighty, my dividends are alone way more than Zerodha’s annual fees(including Coin fees) . I use my dividends to offset the charges incurred by the Broker so any capital gain is pure(net) profit for me. As there is a proverb in my language frying fish with fish oil(fat).


In direct MF there is also exit charges which is around 1% so this RS 50 is on top of it. Or only 50 will be charged and no exit charges if i exit my MF SIP


Exit loads are decided by the AMC are applicable on both regular and direct funds. The Rs 50 PM is a subscription fee charged by us once your total investments cross Rs 25000.


what do u mean by broker charges?do you mean trading brokerage or the annual/monthly fee?


Total expenses, trading brokerage + brokerage house’s monthly/annual fee. On side note I always keep my investments for at least 1 year.



I am already ur customer, i want to know the charges of SIP in Direct FUND by COIN
As per communication with zerodha employee he told less than RS 25000 investment per month is free,if exceed RS 25000 per month investment we charge Rs 50/month.

eg.- if SIP is 5K/month in ABC fund & other SIP 5K/month in XYZ fund, means 10K sip from COIN every month,
then it will be free for 3 yrs or not. Kindly clear the concept.


Hi @Aryans ,

The charges of Rs.50 is applicable if your investment through Coin exceeds 25k

in this case first month investment through Coin is 10k, no charges for first month
the second month, the investment is another 10k, totals upto 20k , no charges
the third month, another 10k invested, the invested amount crosses 25k, so the third month onwards you will be charged Rs.50 a month.



Rs. 59 precisely (base rate Rs. 50 + Rs. 9 (18% GST on Rs. 50).


what should i do to avoid subscription charges??


Two options:

  1. Convert you MF units to to non-demat format for each of the AMC.
  2. Sell the Demat units. Buy new one in non-demat format either directly or via MFU/CAMS/Karvy.


If I purchase more than 25k in coin & redeemed all units of my MF then I got no investment then after few months I start investing less than 25k will I be charged 50/ m ?


Thanks Nithin, didn’t know how much is paid to distributor, this information provides everything.


Hi Prabhu,

Once you sell all your direct holdings from coin you will get an option to unsubscribe from coin. So you will not be charged until your investment in direct mutual funds through this platform crosses 25k.



Why Coin is not providing option of Daily SIP?
i see AMC’s has option of daily SIP,

I feel daily 500rs SIP is better than investing 10k per month SIP as NAV changes daily and i can average out NAV with such daily Plan.[ 500rs * 20 working days in a month = 10k]

as of now i see coin is giving option of weekly,15days,monthly,quarterly, please provide option of daily also


thanks for reply… I have sold my demat units. Now, Is there anything else like any action required from my side ??


I believe there is one checkbox you need to uncheck in your section.


I have invested 25k in total in 5 mutual funds.Will i be charged 50per month? And also is 25k limit per mutual fund or it is in total?


please explain the normal charges charge in case i purchase MF directly???


Read the thread, the question is already answered!