How to Filter Position in Kite Web App?


I have a very basic question regarding “positions” to see in my kite web app.

I would like to clarify How can I filter my positions and their P&L on my Kite web App.

If I have a position in Nifty and Banknifty both. If I would like to Search Filter “Banknifty” then I can type the “Banknifty” in search bar and all Banknifty positions get highlighted.
If I type “Nifty” then it filters both “Banknifty” and “Nifty”, How to Filter it?

Case 2:
How to Filter Weekly expiry and Monthly expiry. Normally I type “NIFTY21JUL” or “NIFTY21AUG” in search filter for monthly expiries, so it gives monthly expiry results. How to filter weekly expiry? “NIFTY21715” or “NIFTY21722” seems not working. Can anyone confirm?

Case 3:
In any case, Whatever search filter I apply, whether its a “NIFTY21AUG” or “BANKNIFTY” or “36500” or anything else, In below total in positions, I can see complete total of my all positions.
The above search keyword filter are subject to some strategies implemented in particular expiry. So, If I would like to profit & loss in this strategies, then it is not coming. Instead total P&L is coming. I have to calculate it manually. Any solution or advise to this? Pl confirm. Thanks.


Try betterKite :slight_smile: it has most of these features Must have tool if you use Zerodha for options trading

Can also try analyse option on positions page, powered by sensibull.

Yes, thats very helpful but they show positions from all expiry by default which is not so helpful. If you use betteKite, you can easily filter positions from desired expiry on sensibull page as well.

Yes Siva. I am using Sensibul’s position analysis options. But it gives me idea and strategy about only open positions (M2M).

In day trading, if I have closed positions(Realized P&L), that sum is not accounted.

I have came across betterkite yesterday only after posting this question and it is fulfilling the desired result. I have used betterkite today.

When I was using “Nest”, it was very easy to filter but I feel in “Pi” also, that feature is somewhat not available. Same is with kite web also.

Anyways, my main intention is if I filter anything in search filter, below “total” in position page should also reflect as per filter. But it is only showing total of all my positions.

So I have to calculate it manually every time for my every filter.
(Realized + Unrealized)

Try the betterkite tool. That might help you with the position filtering.

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