Must have tool if you use Zerodha for options trading

Hello Everyone,

I shared my personal userscript (betterKite) here several months back and since then over 1000 traders have been using it. I was getting lots of request to make a video to explain the features so here it is: betterKite Features v3 15 Installation link in description - YouTube

Happy trading and looking forward to zerodha or sensibull adding some of these features to ease our trading :slight_smile:



I have two questions

  1. Will you be able to monitor/ update my positions?
  2. Is it legal?
  1. No I won’t be able to monitor your positions
  2. Yes. This is just modifying html to create filters. It doesn’t execute any trade or modify/create/delete any positions

I think Zerodha should buy your tool and make it available for everyone. @nithin Please have a look. We’ve been wanting something like this for a very long time. A few features I would love to see are

  • Grouping different strategies together to have a basketwise P/L & Margin
  • Pledged stocks to be made available in holdings page so that we can see the live P/L of the stocks.

Though not yet in a stage where this filter is helpful to me personally, its real wonderful to see the enhanced usability… @Amit_Rana1 and its really kind of you to share it with other traders.

Sensibull has such categorization capabilities but unfortunately in paper trading only. Wish Zerodha too provided paper trading capability along with these awesome enhancements which help traders…


@Amit_Rana1 this is quite nice. We will check out what all can be incorporated within Kite.


that’s amazing @Amit_Rana1 …hope to see such features within kite in near term.

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Amazing job @Amit_Rana1. I have started loving your tool. It is helping me a lot.
Wondering what keeps Zerodha away to incorporate such tools which are on the client (browser) side of the application. It has zero impact on the server side.

From quite some time, I was planning to move away from Zerodha due to the OI restrictions. I have been using Fyers for the last two months to evaluate it before moving my full trading activity there.

After integrating your tool, I am in two minds now. Advantage Zerodha.

@nithin hope Zerodha develops such filters and groups on client(browser) side which will be useful for all the Zerodha users.

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This is very nice. I Like it.


I know what you mean, the tool has surpassed my expectations as well :slight_smile: Can’t imagine trading without it now.

Indeed OI restriction is very frustrating, what is even more frustrating sometimes I am able to buy in one account and not in another. As you can see from my video there are 5 tabs open. There is some logic which is not clear.

Nice. :clap:

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I may be really stupid with this, as I am not a tech savvy.
Is it possible that you can hack my account if I log in through this?
I am little afraid of directly installing it. Please clear my doubt and don’t get mad at me if this sounds stupid. :sweat_smile:

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I have faced this issue multiple times. In some cases, I was not able to modify the price for partially filled order. I had even shared the screenshot with @siva The suggestion was to cancel the order and place it again. It generates more revenue for Zerodha, but loss for us. Hope Zerodha fixes these glitches soon.

@Amit_Rana1 which other brokers have you evaluated?

No, can’t hack your account as script doesn’t have access to password or pin. Script only has access to whatever you see on the webpage. Moreover I do not run any server and do not send any data anywhere. All information related to your grouping, tags etc is stored on your browser.

I tried upstox (made small tool for it as well but then stopped), I was not comfortable with their UX.

I also tried hdfc and kotak securities but pricing was too steep. Evaluated and opened account with iifl, fryers and one chandigarh company (forgot their name) but to be honest I found Zerodha most straightforward and honest. They have limitations and I wish their dev cycles were little faster but they are getting better slowly.

I also have some other scripts which need good, reliable APIs thats another reason to stick with them.

If you are looking for brokers with no OI restrictions then you can look at sharekhan and tradejini. I know many traders who moved to tradejini for same reason.


Ok.Thanks. It looks very helpful. Will surely use it.

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Amit has done an excellent job with the tool/script. Been using it myself. Should call it “The Missing Zero” :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I too tried and closed the account.

I have been using Fyers and found it at par with Zerodha for most of the stuff. Some pros in fyers like you can drag and drop prices in DOM, order from TV charts, cons like you can’t close position like in Zerodha, alerts are too basic.

Finvasia ? did not try this. They don’t allow pledging of MF.

sharekhan too costly for FNO trade. Will wait for Fyers evaluation to complete, before jumping to any other broker.

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@Amit_Rana1 - one request for feature addition to your script.

Calculate the PNL of the exited (closed) positions. For e.g. there are 10 open positions, during the day 5 positions are closed. I want the sum of the closed positions.

I have put this request to Zerodha, but it is in their TODO list from a long time. They have this in their mobile app and not in the web variant. Not sure why they don’t bring this to the web variant.


Paper trading not allowed in Brokers trading terminal.