Is Zerodha planning any upgrade to their desktop trading platform, Pi, behind the scenes?


I have been an active trader with Zerodha but I prefer Pi. Sadly, since Pi isn’t updated frequently, I’m considering moving out. Is a Pi upgrade planned?
@nithin @siva You guys will be best to answer this.


Hey, @Umar yes many active traders like the desktop platforms (even with us) , mainly because they feel since it is software installed it is faster and more stable than a browser. This in today’s world is not really true, but very tough to change the perception of this community.

So yeah, we are working with an international firm of repute to build out the next generation desktop trading platform. A much more advanced version than Pi. This will take some time though.


Dear Mr. Nithin good to know about the last two sentences but the current state of pi is deplorable. With even pivot points removed don’t know what to say, you should have at least left the basic things before upgrading or more like downgrading the app.


These will be added in a week, will release new patch.


@nithin @siva
this time before releasing any software please create a small group of traders who are willing to try the demo and give feedback, so before it reaches to all clients you have an almost finished product.


Sorry dear shiva it really pains me to complain because you are the only one replying but I think I have read this comment maybe weeks and weeks before without any result.

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Great to hear. Any timeline? Please do reply on this


Got to appreciate Siva’s contribution. He’s been a great help to all.


I Don’t feel any difference in execution on kite and pi.
I am used to mt4&5 and ninja. I prefer web based platforms. Trading view, kite, other research website.
Running chrome is all that’s required.
But some prefer platforms, which are not versatile. Pushing updates becomes difficult.
My latest mt5 build itself has less stability.

Maybe it is not yet the time to transform to everything web.
But I am enjoying it.

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Dartstock desktop trading platform

PI is a fantastic platform trading with Zerodha for last several years now; but since last three four weeks who ever is responsible is making a serious mess of this wonderful platform, especially the changes in API’s has completely screwed up the performance kite comes no way near PI, PI is too far ahead in its feature functionality; Kite may have a good look and feel but life is not just about looks finally as a serious trader for me ease of use, convenience and performance matters,
Nothin, Hanan, Siva, please resolve these issues and fix it on priority

Also every Monday is a scare as you guys would have done n number of modifications and changes in Pi over the weekends


Haha, spot on.


dang, i almost forgot. The buy or sell dialog box is not working in PI. Is it a only me issue?

On Friday, i was having this issue. I thought, hmm, pi these days.

Then today. You know what i am saying, you click the buy or F1, the buy window wont come out, same as for sell.

Hoping, it’s just a only me issue. Will have to reinstall pi. Really a pain in the ###.

Can you please confirm if its working on your end ? As @siva, doesn’t use pi.


It is working fine for me, may be your specific, can you create ticket here.


Working fine


@nithin , @siva it would be better if we could see and control P&L right from the chart itself. Fyers has it and i think it’s likable. Please try to include that also in Pi or in TV chart on kite.


In our list of things.


Still your web platform does not provide features which desktop platforms provide. It does not have pre-defined watchlist of stocks, stock screener, buy/sell from charts, transfer data to ms excel, adding scripts and many more. Then on what basis web platform is much better. Trading view is the best web platform I know. If you guys can implement its features then you can say web is better. I like to use web platform more than desktop because we can use it on any system. Thanks


Trading directly from charts (quick order with a flexibility to choose CNC/MIS), ability to pop out any windows(order /admin/charts etc) and link to excel are one of few best features of Pi.

If the browser platform can replicate these, then it’s debatable. Hence the desktop version is far superior, not because it is installed as a program, but because it has superior features. @nithin


but the charting in Pi is not as good as Kite. Only better thing than Kite is the predefined lists. But being able to see chart and popped-out order window is an advantage compared to Kite, but still i would rather rely on Kite chart than Pi charts.


Trading from charts is in our list of things, also predefined market watches. Currently also you can pop out chart and other windows.

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