Kite 3.0 - beta!


Closing price of nifty may was 10597.05, the same is being displayed, can you correct me if I am wrong.


Can send me @


Can drop a mail to, I can get this checked, it is fine from our end.




@siva sorry then Kite market depth window displayed the LTP as close. it showed closing price 10608 and chart showed 10597.05 sorry for the wrong input.

but i am mailing the data feed video to please check it.


For now I want you to refer this, probing on this.


Expected answer only…Thank you…My question if it’s working fine in Fyers and Upstox then why it’s not working in Zerodha…


Today also Market depth just froze for 30-40 minutes.


I din’t observed this nor anyone reported this.


@siva Lines and patterns drawn on charts keep disappearing. Is there any limit here too?


10 different scrips at a time, follows FIFO method.


It’s really annoying to redraw patterns repeatedly during market hours. Would you consider it to make at least 30 or 40?


This happened to me also …but noticed for 5-6 minutes…I mean the market depth issue

Guess this too is the same issue

And rt now I can’t access Q


The frozen market depth, lagging ticks, absurd candlesticks formations esp in lower TF, sudden disappearance of charts across all tabs, market depth not displaying at all instead 3 dots showing loading is displayed.

These are all REAL issues faced by traders daily in kite.


yes i have sent just now, sorry for the delay.


Anyone else getting kite slow down ?


Data as per market watch shows the high as 82.70 whereas the chart shows the high as 82.55…what is happening with charts in kite? @siva @nithin can u please tell us the reason?


Can you refresh and check once, can also check this.


hello Mr. @siva

  1. you never believe us

  2. look at data feed how slow it is !!! its not 2 tick per seconds

  3. And here is answer for your next question


Dear zerodha blog admins one request for you guys
First accept an issue…If any issues will be posted here don’t look like an developer view…View on client side…
@nithin your team members always answer like an developer… plz train them…
Lot of issues posted here…and almost most of issues are cleared…
But still chart rendering issues remain…Nowadays most of issues are related to chart rendering only…
If it still happen means it’s full of your fault only @nithin…It happens all over clients…
But your team members always said it’s working fine and pasting useless old links and always said REFRESH chart , and NOW IT’S WORKING FINE, YOU CAN PUT ORDER NOW(after issues gone)…
Always your team members answer like this @nithin…posting answers like an developers…
Plz train them @nithin… ( if u have a doubt plz scroll above look their answers )
And my question is chart tick rendering working fine in FYERS and UPSTOX, then why it’s not working in ZERODHA…I asked this question still i’m not getting answer …I posted screenshot also…If you want I will record an video on how zerodha vs FYERS and UPSTOX Charts working…