Kite 3.0 - beta!


Its better to ask for pre-defined watchlist which includes every index and all fno stock.


Charts, Market depth etc not updating at all!!!


I have posted these issues before, multiple chart has multiple issues, please fix it :expressionless:


@nithin one request is that, please make the data feed in KITE be faster. as far as i have investigated on a wired broad band connection with 8ms ping and 25mbps stable speed of data feeds are as follows.

  1. PI (KING - the fastest of all)
  2. Upstox Pro (Surprisingly Fast for a Web based platform )
  3. Sharekhan Tradetiger (this category may include other web based platforms from other brokers)
  4. KITE (Very slow compared to PI, a delay of a second or two)


  1. Please check the difference between PI and KITE. the delay is a second or two. also KITE does not have a one click trade as PI or Upstox pro. please check that too. since zerodha has officially said 95% clients are using KITE so not investing a lot on PI. we would like to shift to KITE ,as improvements can be expected there.
    since zerodha is always leader in technology it is lagging in KITE.

2 . please try to include one click trade like PI or upstox pro. since data feed is already slow taking two steps to enter trade may eat time and may lose on better price, which is very important for intraday traders.

  1. when we open a single chart window and open the trading window there as we scroll down to see open orders and positions, charts stay up and we cant see the chart or the price anymore.


You can check the same on monday once again and let me know. Will definitely look in to other points mentioned, thanks.


Even now one can add 40 on each market scrip with total 200.


Sure @siva will check and update. one more query is in the data window shown in kite which shows right above the candle, the format of data arrangement is different that Universal standard.
the standard is
open, high , low and close (OHLC)
but in kite data window on the candle it is Open, close , high ,low, (here showing close may not b important as close price is shown in bold)
and in crosshair data box on the top left corner it is open ,high, close, low.

please set it to standard if its possible.
thank you.


buy or sell window on order reject gets closed and on busy time the info on bell shown at top appears late, so it will be better =if order is rejected order window should remain open instead of getting closed in kite


Still chart tick rendering issue @siva

See high price and chart …

Only one question @siva how to trade with this data…can u answer please……I believe u can answer this question @siva @Bhuvanesh you too answer…

and one thing Fyers chart working fine…If u want I can share screenshot…

If we taken trade from this chart what will happen with our money…U can earn brokerage anyway we win or loss…@siva @Bhuvanesh

See Fyers chart…


Price are not reflecting in. Real time.
Solve the issue.

Don’t reply it’s working fine from your end.


i did check the data feeds, i am sorry to say Kite still lags, not a lot but atleast a second lag. i have made video but cannot upload here. i will b sending that to


Closing price of nifty may was 10597.05, the same is being displayed, can you correct me if I am wrong.


Can send me @


Can drop a mail to, I can get this checked, it is fine from our end.




@siva sorry then Kite market depth window displayed the LTP as close. it showed closing price 10608 and chart showed 10597.05 sorry for the wrong input.

but i am mailing the data feed video to please check it.


For now I want you to refer this, probing on this.


Expected answer only…Thank you…My question if it’s working fine in Fyers and Upstox then why it’s not working in Zerodha…


Today also Market depth just froze for 30-40 minutes.


I din’t observed this nor anyone reported this.