Kite 3.0 - beta!


sir why sometimes we see "order rejection by exchange"
does it happen to all broker at same time.
help as it is a bar in loss management.

even broker like zerodha or sharekhan show msgs " sorry for the inconvenience, trying to sort out the issue ".


If you can share the entire rejection message, I can let you know the exact reason.
Anyhow the order can be rejected by exchange for many reasons, mentioning few frequent reasons.

  1. Order is out of execution range.
  2. On NSE, allowed tick size is 5 paisa, if your order is not in sync with correct tick size, it will be rejected.
  3. Order with invalid attributes, many scenarios.
  4. If order is placed for any security during off market hours.



i think you didn’t understood, or fresher

even broker like zerodha or sharekhan show msgs " sorry for the inconvenience, trying to sort out the issue ".


The chart did not show the % change in a particular old day . for example if we want to see how many % change was there in nifty /any stock on 11th oct . then zerodha chart is not able to give this information to the traders. This must be there, almost the chart of all other brokerage house provide this information. kindly incorporate this feature


boss, its essential part of technical for many traders


Hello, well, I don’t want to disagree with you… But there zerodha could opt for option for its visibility




Opened a New Sharekhan Account. I was going through Thier tool. I.e, trade tiger. Must say I was amazed with its performance and all the inbuilt tools it has. Some of them which is listed below :

  1. Sector wise Heat Map
  2. we can get into each sector from heat map and can see which is best and worst performer in that sector.
  3. price alerting system
  4. inbuilt screeners
  5. charts open flawless and very easy to switch between charts.
  6. chart book , in which we can see charts of all the stocks sector wise with click of button just like flipping the page.

These are the features I liked most. These are very helpful to select the stocks while doing intraday trading.

Dear @nithin

I see Zerodha is only concentrating on Kite and Pi has been left in air. Recently lodged a complaint about pi but your technical team never came back to resolve the issue.
I expect kite to be more featuristic than trade tiger software atleast if you guys are concentrating only on it.
I am one happy customer in Zerodha and I still prefer to be one in future as well.



Will check on the possibility.


while popup chart can i see the holding cmp and p/l simulteniously


Existing Kite data definitely delayed, how about the new one. Can you place orders yet ?


it would be nice if the order window is made movable… it is hiding the volume data.


It is movable in kite3.


sir, please add option of sounds for price alert . it would be easy to monitor more stocks. plz provide this feature sir.


Sir, The new version of kite is really good, it’s light and fast than the previous kite.
Please do something for Q Back-office.
Unable to fetch reports.
Report available aren’t clear.
Excuse me for the comparison.
Had seen Sharekhan UI.
Their reports are very clear.
Report option for particular transaction, p&l, charges levied are very clear whereas Q lags in these.
Humble request please update Q.
Would like to add up one more thing every time i login i have to use my credentials. I use my laptop or mobile for trading. I usually use chrome to access kite. Is there any way i can save my password?
Questions are fine but atleast the password should be saved.


Kindly incorporate % change of any previous particular day.other brokerage/ chart provider are doing it successfully


Have u started using it ? i think its still in beta mode. they haven’t announced its official release yet.


Please introduce chart based trading. Being able to manage stop loss and take profit orders from the chart itself adds a lot of value and saves time.


@NithinKamath please introduce trailing stop in decimals on kite 3. It’s an important feature that’s been missing on kite.