Kite 3.0 - beta!


I would like to suggest, instead of 5 market watch column , with one column & in search box , search /appearance of all NSE stocks or at least CNX Nifty 500 ( CNX NIFTY 500 COVERS ALL MOST ALL INDICES STOCKS ) stocks , would be an advantage , it will reduce/save time for adding & searching different stocks . One can save time & can take quick trade .
I hope & wish @nithin will read this post & instruct his Kite 3 Developer


I am facing the same issue. Kite 3 is consuming entire RAM. Eventually my laptop gets stuck. This is not the case in kite 2. Could you please look into it?


There was an update to the charting library, which might have caused this. It is reverted now. If you are still facing it, can you do a ctrl+shift+R


There is no compulsion for LTP to be in between bid and ask, generally it will be but there can be cases with out any trade just bids and asks keep changing, a trade will happen and LTP will update only when either a bid is hit or offer is lifted, if not LTP will remain the same irrespective of changes in bid and ask.


Only if a stock is added on to any one of 5 market watches the name will show up on search bar of charts.


means it cant happen with Liquid stocks ?


It can be at some point of time of during the day, but possibility is there though little rare for very liquid stocks.



WatchList is looking like this on MacOS. I did try Ctrl+Shift+R, still its same. If I reduce the width of browser its becoming properly aligned.

Browser Version: Firefox Quantum 57.0.4 (64-bit)
System OS Info: MAC OS X Yosemite v10.10.5


Not able to utilize the margin available through selling the holdings.



I believe to place order for 1000 quantity of nationalum in MIS you require around 25k but you having only around 16k hence it is rejected, check this for margin requirement, and for these kind of account specific queries you can write to


@siva @nithin Can You Please Enable BO/CO Limit orders In Kite. As In Kite Only market Order Is Available. The BO/CO limit Function Available In PI But Not In Kite Please Enable This Function In kite Also.


This is already available on which is in beta version.


@siva @mac76
I think the problem is different here.
@mac76 Did you sell your holdings just today?
If yes, then the amount you realized cant be used before t+2.


One can use it to trade but ideally can’t withdraw on the same day.


Remember the problem of Market Depth and LTP that few here mentioned.
Here is the screenshot from TCS today


Screen-shot is taken at around 1 pm, you could have posted at that time only, anyhow I will also make our team monitor for next few days on this as we could not able to reproduce this at our end.


Are you always online here?
If yes, then I will post in real time.
If not then, whatsapp can be a good way to connect.


As you have my mailID, you could drop a mail during trading hours, I will always be online.


We can use the margin instantly but can’t withdraw it until T+2 days. I checked the margin requirement. Zerodha provides 3x leverage for NationalAlum. But the margin requirement stated in the rejection message was wrong.


@siva The renko timestamp problem is not solved yet. Will it be sorted out earlier or only with final release of KITE 3.0?