Kite 3.0 - beta!


Before final release it will be sorted.


@siva for you


Can you confirm if your system time zome is set to IST.


Hey @siva Please Try to Update Technical Team to ADD Shortcut icon for Stock widget & Delete after Chart icon.
Its a request.


yes @siva later i use kite 2.0 ,it works well except freeze market depth.
what screen shot showing is that sometimes in kite 3.0 chart value sticks to specific number( 266 in this case).The market pulls it up and bugs pulls it down. And we think that Stoploss is hit !!


data flow so fast that it cant replicate prices in chart


Can we add more than 5 market watch and more than 20 scrips in each market watch? The reason is if a trader is trading in FNO and equities, it is quite difficult with only 5 market watch i.e. bankifty, nifty, weekly banknifty options etc. I have seen this feature with few other broker. Please advise


charts are not loading.


I see no issue as of now.


Dear Sir,
Platform is fine. only one suggestion

  1. Pls avoid space wastage, desktop screen is like real estate , use it completely.
  2. As of now, only 20% left side screen is used, i can hardly monitor 6-8 scripts without scrolling. Right side 80% screen is waste,which if used effectively i can track 20-24 scripts on a single screen
  3. Pls consider above


it is unable to throw charts. just loading on blank page. can you please give me some solutions ?


It may be specific to you, can you write to


This has happened to me a few times as well. Not today, but in the past, yes. When I would call customer care complaining to this I’m often told that chart is working. I guess it’s some technical bug which may not be affecting everyone but a few people.


ok thanks.


To access Q Back office from KITE3, I need to login once again. However, this was not the case in the earlier version of Kite. Can you please restore this feature. Thanks.


@siva again,jet sticks to 778


What is the chart type you are using?


This cannot happen, can you write to me @, will try to access your system and check.


Noticed the above behavior sometimes, will confirm


Got that. pl ignore. Thanks