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Watch for indiabull housing


I am automatically logged out from kite 3. This happens repeatedly. @siva


While Using Hiken-Ashi candel The Tick Value Get Changed In Kite. This Problem Is Only In Kite And Not In PI.

This Is Apollo Tyre Chart In Normal CandelStick Patterm For 1.36 PM Candel Showing Fair Value In Box Details.

But When Use Hiken Ashi In Same Chart The Value Get Changed
Screenshot (11)

This Problem Is Only In Kite Not In PI. Why??
@siva @nithin


That is not a problem, that is how it should be, I can say you can ignore Pi.


No But Its Good In PI. Its Great Feature It Should Also Be Added In Kite. If Possible


Instead on a lighter note I can call it a bug on pi, said that if you don’t want to see heiken ashi values then just apply candle chart. One applies Heiken ashi because they want to view values calculated using that method.


Ok. I Was Thinking That There Is Problem In Regarding Kite About hikenashi. Great You Cleared It. Thank You !!


@siva, I had some issues with kite 3 today (again). My orders wouldn’t get placed with an error saying no response from server. Charts wouldn’t load as well.


@siva attaching a few images for your reference. I am sorry to say that your customer care is very unresponsive.


Reaching you regarding this but this will come generally where there is network issue at your end.


Same there. Not sure if it was network or kite issue…


Any [quote=“siva, post:601, topic:25605”]
One applies Heiken ashi because they want to view values calculated using that method.

You got a bit wrong info about HA candles, bro.
No trader gives a damn *** bat heikin ashi values. Trader is not interested in OHLC values of these candlesticks. They are of no use at all to any trader.
Only thing that matter are color, wicks and form of a candle.
Trader needs real OHLC values to trade whereas HA values are averaged values.
I don’t think it is possible for you to implement pi like scenario here, but there is indeed no bug in Pi.
I know a platform which show HA as indicators, while other show original values just like pi.


Yes @siva The Same Was My Opinion About Hiken Ashi Candel Stick. As Of Pi It Should Be Implemented In Kite Also. I Support You @maddy_Des.


@siva Yesterday had lots of issues with kite mobile app as well as kite3. Had to exit some positions without awaiting targets as the app and kite3 was misbehaving big time. I am not quite sure if this is a regular feature on expiry day ? Of course, i don’t work on the Pi and hence didn’t check it


Hi Nithin… Thanks for kite3.

Following is a feature request:

  1. I use amibroker for charts. Entry price and SL and Targets are obtained from charts. Let’s say I use SL based BO. If you are using fixed stoploss and fixed targets, it is easy to enter today. But if the levels are obtained from chart, I have to do calculations manually using a desktop calculator (with decimal places, it is even more time consuming and error prone) So please give another BO option such as Stop loss @ price and Target @ price.
  2. Candle time remaining counter
  3. Previous day H, L, C indicator in the chart.



Kite mobile scrip price, market depth is freezed.
Tried refreshing and reinstalling the app.


Yes Having Same Problem! Very Frustrated By This Please have Look At It @siva @nithin


Same here


same problem here


Has Kite Started Working.