Kite 3.0 - beta!


Plz let me know how can i find mcx Ltd fut in market watch


Please add these features:

  1. BUY/SELL option is not available in multichart window
  2. Please provide option to resize the charts in multichart window
  3. Add a clock to the main window and popout window
  4. To delete a scrip from marketwatch, 2 clicks are required.Please keep it as it was in old version. Delete button should come when you place the cursor over the scrip.
  5. In 4 chart window unused empty spaces are there in the middle and bottom of page. It reduces the chart area.
  6. Provide option to set fixed order quantity/ lot quantity as in Pi


I have added my favorite stocks to pin but not able to delete those from the standard bar which is initially showing Nifty & Sensex.


on the chart, only today % change is shown, it should also shown the % change of last days when we move cursor from one date to another. for EX. if I want to get the details of any day i e 28.09.17 then it shows O, H , L, C, V (shown as B)of that day but it does not show the % change(shown as A) on that day. While analyzing the history chart, we have to calculate the % change manually. if we can update the Part shown as A when we change the cursor from one day to another then it will benefit a lot. without this calculating the % change kills a lot of time

kindly incorporate this feature


Does new version having buying of stocks in SIP mode ?


Could you please add more pages on marketwatch


Charting is not supported on Internet Explorer 11.


Prices are not updating at all. I even refreshed the page to check but it didnt help. I’m using chrome on mac


Loved it, man.

The look is awesome

Thank you for everything that you all doing :heart_eyes:


@nithin Unable to change quantity in order window.
If you try to type 150, the order gets updated to 1 then 5 and then 0.


The multichart window is not working properly on extended displays

1.The chart size is not getting adjusted to fit fullscreen
2. Stock search bar and chart tools tab are missing in the bottom charts

Please sort out these issues before final release.


Couldnt change the quantity while trading banknifty options


% days change shows 0.0 when holding are filtered with smallcase. Works well though when All is selected


The features looks good for me.
One request: can we have a price alert set on the scrips. It will pop up with a message when the price goes above or below certain level.


Fantastic piece of Software this is… Whoa… Totally awesome… Just what i’m talking about…


Yes this feature is very helpful. Like in gmail, we can assign multiple label names to a single email. Similarly we also can label a stock and will see all stocks belongs to the same label. We can have labels like like: Long term, short term, banking, construction, cement etc.


Suggestion for Multi Chart view inspired by visualize on ET.

  1. Grid to choose how many charts to visualize.
  2. Show indices,watchlist or holding via a dropdown list.
    3 Choose basic chart or technical indicators.
    4 Select time scale.

Also note Scrolling through multiple chart by arrows on left, right side. Individual charts can be zoomed in or out using - or +.
Link is here


Does it include price alert features and is there android version ?


Please introduce trade from chart feature.


@nithin please introduce trade from chart feature and price alert features