Kite 3.0 - beta!


yes started




Not only Zerodha, other brokers also had similar issues today morning.


But no problems occurred wid Upstox!


Still facing problem. My market watch does not load.


yes My Order Still Pending. As Rate Is Gone over Limit price


Charts are not working properly. Unusual upside and downside plots.


Yep there is an issue with the indicators valuee too !



Working fine with Motilal Oswal…problems with Angel Broking


The volume chart keeps going blank. I have to delete and add everytime, I log-in and after being inactive for a while.


Issue: A scrip added in watchlist in Kite 2.0 is not visible in Kite 3.0.
When attempted to add it in Kite 3.0, error “Item already exists.” is shown.
Workaround: The scrip has to be deleted first in Kite 2.0 and then added again in Kite 3.0


Can you write to regarding this.


Error in volume indicator


Can you try once in incognito mode.


Dear Zerodha team, before forcing us to move to Kite3, please ensure the issues (at least most of them) are fixed.

Some of those I can see even now are:
When a ticker is added to a marketwatch and removed, next time when I try to add the same ticker I get “Already added” or some message like that. This doesn’t allow me to add that to the same list even though in the current marketwatch list that ticker is not visible
In marketwatch, can we see both % and delta? In Kite, there is an immediate button to toggle but in Kite3, it needs multiple clicks. If we can see both at the same time (checkbox, instead of radio button) then it will be great.
Studies getting disappeared suddenly is a problem many are facing. Not sure if this is an impact of sync b/n Kite and Kite3. Even when I don’t do sync and I continue to use kite, I still see all the charts getting removed from my studies suddenly


This should be sorted once we phase out kite2 completely.

After adding studies, one can save it as view and then need to compulsorily save it as preference on kite3.


There is one feature I have requested so many times. I have written mails and every time received a response that in coming version it will be implemented. It has been more than an year now. I was so hoping Kite3 will have this feature but sadly I don’t see it.
Here is what I need:
I need to be able to see how much is margin locked against each position - or in other words how much margin will be released if I exit a particular position. Many a times to trade in options I need to exit few positions to release some margin. I find myself checking with span calculator and lose large amount of time.
I can see total margin available and blocked in 'Funds" but that’s not enough.
May I please, once again, request to implement this feature.



I agree. I would also like to see the order total under executed orders instead of P&L.


What would support do for beta? If they can handle just routine requests that should be good enough.