Kite 3.0 - beta!


I do it but then after some weeks they get suddenly removed from my studies. So far it has happened about 5 times in 10 months.


I believe this is not possible, I think no retail broker in India provides this option. This is because broker doesn’t decide on margins, exchanges does based on span system. Span consider total portfolio to conclude on margins. Also wondering if you are a intraday trader or positional trader.


I used to have trading account with Sharekhan and they provide this information. This is not very difficult to provide. For a broker to provide this information they do not have to be the one who decides the margins. Margin can and will be decided by exchanges but how much margin is blocked against each position is smthng broker can provide on their platfrom. For example : price of a security is not decided by broker but brokers provide the price. :slight_smile:

I trade in options and sometimes do intraday too. Close to expiry or during result periods or when there is some volatility I have to dynamically manage my trade. I make my decision based upon percentage return which depends on margin blocked.


So, you are saying sharekhan will give info how much margin will be released if one closes one position from portfolio.


Please see below screen shot:
If something similar can be implemented that will be of great help

When I had taken the screen shot I had three opem position and had closed one.


@siva Any update on this?


This is showing individual margins, not how much margin will be released if a position is closed though it will be same if all underlying are different. As of now showing individual margins on platform may not be possible but can be checked here on separate tab.


Not yet, will let you on this.


Why are we not able to create and save custom chart settings? Every time i save, the chart settings keep getting erased and refreshed back to none.


Why don’t you guys incorporate an options strategy calculator/implementation like you have on NSE Paathshaala or Fyers? Along with the payoff calculations and graphs - i mean.


After saving indicators as a view, one has to compulsorily save it as preference from layout menu.


We are working on something similar, soon will come out with.


Siva, I too keep facing this problem even after saving as preference, etc. It happens like once a month for me. I’m hoping that that problem will not be in Kite3.


It shouldn’t happen for saved views because they are saved at server end, drawings are saved on local browser. Can right to with your client ID and mentioning view names( in case if you remember) then it is possible for us to investigate further.


Sure, I’ll email the details.
One thing: Can that problem be because of me logging in to Kite from multiple laptops (and using both kite and Kite3) and mobiles (android app)? Some sync problem?


Yes, views on kite 2 and kite3 won’t sync automatically, try using kite3 alone, this wouldn’t happen.


Kite 3.0 is hanging so badly. Please do something about that. I had a hard time squaring off my position yesterday and day before yesterday. Overall looks good.

One Feature Suggestion

I am an intraday trader, after buying or short selling stocks we get many bought position or sold positions opened with trigger price in the orderbook (orders), is there anything you could do modify all orders at once.

Let me give you an example:

While buying 100 stocks of Infosys @ the limit price of 1100, my order got executed (bought) in 5 orders like 50, 25, 12, 10, 3. But I want to sell it @1120 but while it reached @1118 I thought it might go upto 1125 so I want to modify my sell order sooner, Could you add some features that I could able to modify all four orders (50,25,12,10, 3) to 1125 all at once. Like bulk executed order modifier or whatever you would call it. Few can be modified with this normal procedure of editing one at a time, but when it comes to modify 100 executed orders for the same scrip, that’s a pain in the ass. Most of the cases order gets executed while modifying 100s of orders one at a time. Instead of modifying one at a time modify all at a time. Could you do something for that, it would delight your customer I am telling you.


Not possible to modify all orders at once but if you asking about BO that is in our list of things to do.


hi, i am having 3 trading accounts(X,Y,Z)with you. I placed KSCL futures orders in all 3 acounts, first placed in X account(3 lots), second placed in Y account(2 lots), third placed in Z account(1 lot). But only 1 lot in executed in X account and in Z account also, not executed in Y account. Those who placed orders first…it will execute first, right? What is the reason not executed in Y account? please clarify…waiting for ur reply


the same thing is happening with me as well, unusual candlestick movements and volume movement. Please try to fix this as it is misleading and hampers intraday trading