Kite 3.0 - beta!


Bro, i am facing the same issue, the candlestick keeps flickering man. Anyway to fix this issue??


@siva Although this is an old chart I have to deal with this problem every day. The candles start to flicker randomly along with the volume indicator. Please fix this.


Hi @nithin @siva
There are several good features in Kite 3.0. I appreciate them, specially SL based BO.

But I see one major issue with live charts, specially during volatility. If I open 1 min chart, several times chart becomes highly unstable. It keeps changing the high & low of a candle. It also keeps changing Volume Underlay even for past candles. Please see below 2 examples. In each photo, the 1st chart shows the crazy behavior of 1 min chart. 2nd chart shows how it should look like after I refresh the chart. Please look into this issue soon. I believe Kite 2.0 should not be phased out until this issue is resolved in Kite 3.0.


@siva I have the same issue as well. I wrote my own reply in this thread along with images. Pls check.


Is this BO using SL-M feature really available after the new update? Anyone tried it so far?Screenshot_20180203-000603


In the new update of kite.
The bracket order entry is made available with SL-limit and Limit. It is working super. You may try once to get the user experience with lesser quantity first.


I tried it out on the mobile Android app. But it didn’t let me place the order. Going to limit order by default. Do u try on pc?


@siva now many people facing this issue !!
Don’t remove kite 2.0 until you fix kite 3.0 bugs


Sure, point is noted.


Will check on this.


Will get this checked.


Hi @siva,

Its getting difficult to remove stocks from market watch. Please include close button in market watch only. on the stock list. Everytime right click and delete is not good for many.


I think it is in beta right now


Hi @siva
Lemme give you one simple exercise.

  1. Open Kite and add following scrips to market watch.
    Nifty 50, Nifty Feb Fut, Nifty Mar Fut, Nifty 10000 CE, Nifty 10000 PE, Nifty 10500 CE, Nifty 10500 PE.

Now you will know the pain dear.

If you are still clueless what I am talking about then reply and I will enlighten you further.


thanks for looking into the issue.


Kite Not Working.


yes. Same with me. its not taking orders. Honestly this is very irritating.


Yes Missed Opportunity In many Stocks. What Would You Say About THis @siva. Or Will You Say That Is Also Our Problem Its Really Frustrating.


they are really clueless … I think they are unable to understand what is happening with their servers or OMS… they are always prove themselves worthless on volatility days… not a single day their systems work…


Working Fine from my end.
What problem you faced?