Kite 3.0 - beta!


How many days till this chart problem is fixed? Somebody might be misleaded and put wrong orders based on chart.


@Lets_Invest Now Its Running Fine But On Start It Was Having problem’s Like My Orders Are Not Getting Execute And When I Log Out The Its Was Not Logging In.

Yes But Now It is Working Fine.

But Mainly Faced Problem From 9.15 To 9.35 Time Frame.


I think Those who are regular customer of Zerodha They know very well that whenever order volumes are high Or Any Panic in Market We face this Problem.
So, it better to wait till 9:25 am - 9:30 am to go orders smoothly.

I know we miss opportunity at 9:15 am but It better to wait and watch to avoid any big loss just because of any technical glitch.


I can notice volume bars are weird though it is not faced by all, but till this is sorted you can use kite2 charts.


it’s not just volume bars the CMP on charts flickers as well I hope the problem is fixed soon. I don’t want to go back and forth on kite 2 and 3


@siva today kite 2.0 also faced same situation.
can I ask you link for kite 1.0 ?


@Lets_Invest I Used Kite2 Which Worked Fine While Kite3 Was Facing Issue.

But Yes Your Point Is Also Right.


Why there are two notifications for one event?


You mean to ask trade notifications on kite3?




Facing the same issue man. I missed a few trades because of this random movement of volume bars and candlestick as this makes it very difficult to make trading decisions.


Hi Team,

Greetings for the day,

So first of all congratulation and thank you for upgrading Kite to 3.0

I thought with Kite 3.0 performance will be much faster and will be more of user friendly. I really appreciate the time and effort you guys have put across.
Many new things are now available so thank you so much for doing this.
However I being a new to trading and mostly I do Intraday, I have been using Kite older version for almost a year now.
Being only dependent on Kite as PI is not working in my system, I found the few features in the update kite 3.0 has been blocked, due to which I find it very annoying.
Items Kite 3.0 (New Version) Vs Older Version Kite
1: Oder Modify: The new kite has this features clubbed under a head which symbolizes 3 dots, it not very user friendly specially its time consuming while playing quick intraday.
However in older version of Kite, it was very easily done, with just edit option at the end of each orders.

2: Scrip % vs price change: This feature is also hidden under a setting tab where, we have to go inside and change it; it’s very annoying.
However in older version it’s very easy and handy, just a click away, easily available on the top corner of the watch list.

3: Opening multiple tabs in chrome: In newer version it’s not very fast and friendly, if we have to open multiple tabs, again we need to select what we want to see, be it holdings, positions, dashboard, order book. However in older version it’s very easy and quick, we just need to hold “Ctrl + select the hyperlink” say order book, or position, by doing this, exactly the same pages gets open up, this is not the case with Kite3.0

4: Addition & Deletion: Even though we can use up arrow and down arrow and can select and delete the scrip from watch list, but due to the white background and very light highlighted color, sometimes wrong scrip gets deleted, it’s not very fast again, I would prefer the older x sign it’s much easier. In older version it’s much better, we just delete it easily buy just clicking on the " X" sign beside the particular scrip.

It will be great if you could help on this.
Thank you so much for your kind help & support in advance.

Thanks & Regards
Bidyut Biswas
Mob: +91-9535760744


I have also faced the same issue


Facing The Same Issue. Order’s Are Getting Rejected By Server. Everytime This Happen’s And We Misses The Good Oppourtunity.

Really Its Very irritating. @siva @nithin


BO orders are not getting executed coz of extreme volatility


Try MIS Order Bro.


Today no BO and CO due to volatility, try placing MIS order, no issues with order placing.


Tried Bro MIS Also But It Also Got Rejected @Lets_Invest @siva


Nifty fell 350 points so, leverages have been reduced, kindly check our margin calculator for new dynamic margins.


@siva & @nithin sir but CO sends Market order means sure execution then why CO blocked too ?
As some strategy makes money in this environments only !