Kite 3.0 - beta!


Can check the below link. Also with this volatility there are more chances that counter stop loss orders for BO/CO will be rejected with “out of execution range” reason from exchange, hence BO/CO positions will be naked.


I think they dont listen to anyone as they impose everything they got from “”. Chariq made the interface like this and they are providing as it is. No change. For confirmation you can check their website… others brokers are providing user friendly tools … zerodha is trying to make simple things tough… I dont know why but now i feel they are not listening to their customers …


Can someone help me out how a renko box is created for the given box size for various timeframes on kite platform. Is a box created in a 1min timeframe renko chart on kite for the given box size if the price sustains for 1min?


one min is way too less for renko ! In one min it will form boxes and disappear too without u even noticing it and confusing it whether it is a new box or the old one !


So what will be ideal time frame for renko in Kite for intraday?


what settings do u want to use ?


I use log 0.5% previous close box size


can u send me the screenshot of ur settings of kite ?


I have observed difference in prices happen when we change views too in Kite 3. This should not happen ideally. Can we look and have it resolved as soon as possible as this is a BIG bug.


Can you explain a bit more on this.


Are there any plans to include support for charts on Kite3 using IE11?


No, IE is not supported.



Not even a single bug that we have reported in kite 3.0 has ever been resolved afaik!!!
Hey, @siva What’s this hunnn???


Charts are still buggy not sure what to do I think we have to rely on ticker only.


Simply Add These Features to KITE 2.0 and Phase out KITE 3.0


I don’t Find Any New Features in KITE 3.0 “apart from the above” So, Its better to Phase out KITE 3.0 Becasue KITE 2.0 is Better Than KITE 3.0 in Terms of Performance.


Some Issues Observed in Kite3.0 which were FINE in Kite 2.0 "

Kite 3 Does Not show Holdings in the Left Side Tab.
Have set Holdings as visible in Settings… but Still No use. Refreshed man times… No use.
Later found :
Newly Bought Stocks from Kite 3 Only are shown as Holdings in Left Side Tab. But the Stocks Bought from Old Kite Does Not display.

The LTP displayed for Open Orders is Wrong… it is ALWAYS Rs. 1966.08.
This is for Any Scrip on Any day !!

Seems Kite 3 has some Catching up to do.


KITE 2 is still better then KITE 3 , I wish/Hope Zerodha will not kill KITE 2


I shared my view on zerodha earlier too, But I again repeat that they (zerodha) don’t listen to anyone they are doing what they want to do… you compare zerodha kite with other platforms and you will find how buggy and difficult to use is kite3. Frequently used chart and order options are clubbed into menus which make them very slower to use and drawings are not reliable on kite3 even… Each new candle’s OHLC values are unstable atleast for 2 minutes after opening whenever you refresh OHCL values changes for candles … then how can they say kite3 is better than others… They were good in past but no longer they are now… better options are available in industry… but still Clients who joined first Zerodha still with them in hope that they will do better job … But it’s fading now


“Due to a technical reason, your After Market Orders (AMO) won’t be placed today. Please place your order once again after markets open.”

Just Received This Notification From Zerodha Team.