Kite 3.0 - beta!


Tried adding a scrip to marketwatch and it said gateway timed out. Why do I have a feeling there’s always some problem with kite when volatility is very high? I wouldn’t be surprise if kite is not working for first 10 to 20 mins today.


What Are They Doing Is Just Like Getting Their Customers Not Seriously


Unable to place any order



Getting This Reason Again Missed many Opportunity In The Start Of The Market


“If your equity order is being rejected on NSE, please place it on BSE.”

New Notification :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


New problems daily… they are not serious now with there business… and now new notification to place orders on BSE … what the hell is this


Orders are not going through.
rejection reason "error user? user target not logged in"
What error is this?
Posting here as customer care is not reachable!!


Now I Realise The Why The The Full Paid Broker’s Are Good Than The Discount Broker’s.


So is Zerodha stating that the problem is with NSE? If so could people trading on other platforms please clarify if you are able to trade on NSE.


I am able to trade on NSE with Motilal Oswal.


I Am Also Able To Trade On NSE From Kotak .


Evidently the problem is with zerodha then :neutral_face:.


Yes Always


Looks Like @qna Kailash Nadh is not able to understand Volatility.
He simply not allowing orders to reach Exchange so that Due to high volume of orders System not Crash.
Zerodha business model is questionable???

Basically Zerodha Used by Majority of Traders for Intraday.
If Traders will not able to do Intraday they have many other and better option available at present in Market.

Once trust is lost in any brand or business people never used that product again.


Sir, it has nice look and feel. But FONT is very poor. Notifications are too many and are not easily identifiable. Quotes are not real time and needs to be looked at. Kite3 needs to be improved a lot before being rolled out.


@nithin, @Nikhil.A

Do not force KITE3.0 upon us with the various type of issues being shared in this forum by most of the participants, though there are additional features. KITE2.0 is still much better.



Kite 3.0 Should have the option greeks and option chain inbuilt in it! That would have been beneficial! And quick Widgets that can be added as per the wish for trading fast ! I’ve seen that in Upstox and found it to be very interesting and useful!!


No way … they don’t have any plan to do so… can’t you see … they are not listening to their customers ever… so why are you expecting it… they even can’t do anything for you