Kite 3.0 - beta!


very good features. @nithin as suggested earlier to increase the no. of scrips in a page from 20 and also increase pages from 5,would like to know in case there is any chances to implement the changes.?


good and beneficial suggestion


Please include price alerts in kite 3 when the Android app is updated


Ok so far almost everything works great in the new Kite 3 platform. But i think there is an issue with the save chart preferences.

             Layout -> Save Preferences seems to save correctly the customized chart settings like colors but its not saving the Indicators. For example when i hit save preference it saves the customized chart color but not the EMA. So when a new chart is loaded the customized chart color is applied correctly but the EMA is missing. 

I think this needs to be fixed. Save preference should save the customized chart as well as any indicator that is placed on the chart just so that the user don’t have to reapply them again from the Studies section.

Please note that Save Views is actually working perfectly as it saves everything well and also loads them correctly. But this doesn’t mean that Save preference should become dysfunctional.

Also a suggestion. It would be really good if the chart controls ( +, - ) and the chart navigation ( >> ) buttons be moved out of the chart section to the bottom where there is plenty of free space ( its actually nothing down there below the chart area ). Because these controls while being useful, also clutters the chart area esp when things are going downtrend when the price is shown on the bottom of the chart. As these buttons overlay the price candles it makes it hard to read the price. So i think its only logical to move these buttons down to that free space which actually is totally free and serves no purpose other than providing some whitespace to enhance visibility.

Other than these minor issues things are really looking great and futuristic in this new version of Kite. Its very fast, clean, featureful and stable so far. Very good technology.


Please bring detailed market watch feature to.


The Buy (B) and Sell (S) keyboard shortcuts doesn’t work when the multiple charts are opened from Display -> 2 Charts. While these shortcuts are working fine in single chart window by default. This needs to be fixed as its paramount for realtime trading to have these (B) and (S) shortcuts working properly even in multiple chart mode.

Pressing these shortcut keys should activate the Buy and Sell panel for the current stock/chart in selection among the multiple charts.


Is buy or sell working when multiple charts are opened & if we right click any portion on chart & buy/sell directly?


Very good work done in Kite3.0 congratulations Nithin Bhai !! .
==>>One thing if possible just add one alert notification with sound that whenever price reaches the threshold i will be notified by a beep and notification.
By the way i am happy with new version. Thanks to all developer team.


Clicking on stock widget gives me this .It was working fine some time back…



Nope. No chance. Still getting the same error. Pressing (B) or (S) will only trigger the instrument search bar and that search bar is showing bbbbssss


@nithin Currently, to open the chart of any scrip, we first need to add it to market watch and only then we can see its chart. While we are in chart window, if he want to switch to any other scrip, the search field only shows scrips which are added to market watch. I think this restriction should be removed. There should be a dedicated menu for opening chart and once inside that window, we should be able to search and load chart of any script, without the requirement of first adding it to marketwatch.


1}please add one option in all indicator that user can change the size of its thickness. for example, I use moving avg and pivot but I want them to be thicker lines then what default size is.
2} when I place pivot on the chart and then I do zoom in on the chart then all the end bars get stretched because of auto-scale of pivot indicator and that makes chart looks very bad. please add the option in all indicator where a user can on/off autoscale feature of every indicator so when charts are zoomed it doesn’t affect the chart viewing


Need to increase market watch list from 20 to 50 per list


Good enhancements.

Question :
Will the feature “Customization of Holdings Tab” included in the Final release of Kite 3.0 ??

Understood from this below past thread that the feature is upcoming…


Submitted Kite3.0 issues feedback via form.


though it is beta at first glance i watch one bug has been removed (actually chart menu and upper dashboard was overlapping in exiting kite in google chrome). better to include this link in ur site.
but i think i will not be able to continue with zerodha as i cant link aadhar with trading account as i dont have mobile no registered with aadhar. if other offline or sms option not introduced , there will be a problem but i opened account on september with aadhar and pan copy.
any way enjoying zerodhar intraday chart still now


Kite 3 will be complete when it includes:-

  1. TradeScript Alerts.

  2. Scanner with Alerts.

  3. Trade from chart itself.

And My Special Request.

I want visual stop loss and take profit on the Chart itself Just by Thinking in my Mind.

Hope it is not too much to ask.

(These are the Requests which are Pending from Kite 2 Release )


Nitin Thats very nice and refreshing to see the new Kite 3.0 coming out after a long time. As a Customer i am very happy with your dedication towards your work and see God is giving you huge too. You worked very hard to gain this position and we appreciate your efforts to improvise trading to such an extent.
As per my observation i came to know that Trading isnt a easy task so if we introduce features which can make it little more easier and smooth which returns in more turnovers per day. Sir My suggestion is to add feature like chart buy/sell, which surely will improve trading for a day trader. I have attached a jpeg file which clearly tells my intention. hope you consider it. thanks

If zerodha asks you "tell me top 5 features you want to see in Kite's next version", what'll they be?

@nithin You have said previously that Margin would be given for Positional trades. Is that feature rolled out with this build? If yes, How to use it?. If No, When would we except that?


one problem in Elder impulse system it is not showing colour difference please set it as in kite 2.0