Kite 3.0 - beta!


Can check this link.


Thank’s For Explanation For This @siva:blush:


put delete button on extreme right after more button lol pain near graph. ther is no undo comes ,which stock got deleted is a mystry haha


@siva Hi, Below options became multiple clicks now

  • to edit a order
  • to cancel a order

can we highlight (EDIT/CANCEL) options, on orders when we hover, jsut like in kite2.0?



Could you provide a way to create Straddle and Strangle charts
Also a way to place an option strategy in one go


We are working on options platform, soon will release beta version.



I am unable to save multi-chart (4 charts) display settings in Kite3. Every time I have to open those 4 charts again and load the configurations.

Is this feature currently not enabled in Kite3?





Would love to see the following features on the Kite3 marketwatch area.

  • Ability to add separator between symbols to group and organize stocks and their related options.
  • Ability to assign a name to the 5 lists - This will help users classify their lists e.g. current month expiry, next month expiry, stocks, futures, etc.


Add settings, go to layout and save them as preferences, need to do individually for each container on multi time charts.


We have done necessary changes on kite3 charts, can you do hard refresh (ctrl+shift+r) and check, can report if still facing the same issue.


Can’t we replace chart containers with chart widgets?
Just sayin


Not possible.


I know it’s not possible for end users.
I am suggesting on the devs side.
Can YOU dev code such that container on webpage be converted to widget.
Just like upstox pro


@siva When are we going to see Gold Options on Kite?


Will take some more time, for now you can check gold options on Nest and Pi applications.


sometimes enter key to place order doesn’t work please look into matter


First of all showing the general market index on upper left corner is a plus one. It helps to know overall direction of the market.

For us traders fast execution of orders is important. And this is the reason I am not using kite 3.0
.Before i would click on the exit bar and confirm exit. it was a two click exit from any trade.
Now in kite 3.0 first I have to click on a three dot which shows the exit option in list. so that makes it a 3 times click to exit from a trade. Its not efficient upgrade in terms of order execution.

second in previous kite the profits and losses were shown in green and red. So a big move against me would catch my attention fast if i have multiple open positions.Better visualisation makes the response faster. kite 3.0 has removed this colour presentation . It doesn’t help.

I am sure day traders will definitely face these two issues.


Color presentation is there on kite3 only for the open position, if the position is closed, there is no point in showing pnl in colors.

Alternatively for time-being one can keep the check box selected for open position and on clicking exit button and enter one can quickly exit the position.


Hello @nithin,

Still, charts on kite3 platform are buggy, especially multi-view charts. I understand kite3 platform is new and these issues are expected out of it in the beginning, But its been quite a long time, we are continuously facing this kind of issues. Even more frustrating thing is, I have reported this same issue multiple times and I saw a lot of people reporting the same and no action been taken to fix such basic (inconsistent charts) issues.

For better understanding, please look at the below charts and observe AUTOPHARMA chart on normal view and multi view. You can notice that there is an inconsistency of around 6 points after market opens.



We appreciate your efforts of bringing lot many features on to the platform in each release. Please prioritize and fix this inconsistent charts issue.

Thank you!!