Kite 3.0 - beta!


Can you refresh 4 multi chart and check.
Had you opened/refreshed 4 multi chart and normal chart(Auropharma fut) both at same time? Or there was difference in time(eg, first you opened default single chart and then after 2 minutes, you opened multi chart and then refreshed/re-opened single chart for auro pharma again)?.


I get Nest gateway error almost everytime I tried to place a pre market order. I tried to start a thread to get a solution for this, but it seems the thread did not get approved. can someone help in providing a solution for this? I lost time and money due to this issue.


Can try placing after 30 secs of market opening.

One can place orders in pre open till 9.07 and irrespective of time, orders during pre open will be traded only after 9.07, so one can’t loose money as per my knowledge.


Hi Siva,

I can see almost everytime just before 9:01 index moves up/down in Kite. Can you tell me why. I used to think there are multiple adjustments of price during this 7 minute window and one at 9.15 after 9.08AM. I always miss the first adjusment because due to Nest gateway error. Is there any reason for asking to put the order after 30seconds? Is it the norm?



F&O orders are not allowed during preopen, one can place orders on F&O only after 9.15, only equity orders are allowed during pre-open session.

I suggest you to go through this to understand the essence of pre open before placing any more orders during pre open.


This is regarding the issue I had posted earlier. The chart shows no candles between 9:58 and 10:17. I’ll send a mail to the support team later today.


Charts of kite are lagging big times… Couldn’t trade… How come charts lag every time


Today Really Having Chart’s Problem On Kite Platform. Really Big Issue With Kite. Please Look Into It @siva @nithin


The issue with historical minute data for the F&O and equity segments is now resolved. MCX and CDS data will be restored shortly.

Just GOT THIS KITE UPDATE ON 08/03/2018 1.20 PM


Good to hear… Have always liked zerodha as a broker with the tech they offer and sometimes tech have issues we understand…
But it is wrong to unlist 2 topics which showed the issues people faced today… It would have been easier to own up and say we are working on it
@Bhuvanesh @nithin


Can check now, was fixed much before.


Yes perfectly Working Fine Thanks For Help @siva :blush::blush::+1::+1:


@Bhuvanesh let us keep one topic open when there is an issue.

@Sumedhpatel if we don’t unlist, everyone starts a new topic instead of commenting on an older one.


So it would have been easier to tell this under the 2 topics that were opened rather than unlisting something directly…
Unlisting something that suddenly makes it feel like you dont want people to find out abt such issues
When i know that is not the case


Hey as a policy we publish all info that you need to know in times of issue here


Hi Siva, I dont trade F&O. I am talking about equity orders


Hi Nithin, congrats and great work in bringing changes into Kite3.
anyhow I couldn’t see the 4 chats very interactive. I am not able to add studies and interval. Almost all options are disabled. The screenshot posted by you above is not what i am getting


Can you change your system resolution to recommended and check and let me know.


In that case one can place orders till 9.07 and first trade will happen only after 9.07, the changes in market depth are just indicative and are not because of actual trades, so no point of making loss.


Even In kite 3 we have only 5 market watches and 20 stocks per watch.It would more convenient if number of stocks per market watch and number of market watch increases.Can we increase the above mentioned options from our end.
thank you. Kite 3 platform is well designed.know its more easy to trade with kite 3